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Paper Removal
There are several ways of removing wallpaper. First, you must know what surface you are working with. Steamers which can be rented have always been my favorite especially for plaster walls. You merely steam the paper and scrape off. I have also used several stripping products, which you can find at your local paint and wallpaper stores.
  • Removing Wallpaper

  • I am a professional paperhanger. I normally paste about four rolls of paper at a time. To keep the paper from drying out, I put it in a garbage bag after booking it. This technique will give the novice an easier handled strip to work with. I have found that if for some reason I have to stop after pasting the paper, I can close the bag and return the next day to finish the job with that same wallpaper.

    This also prevents any paste from dripping on floors when I take it from my table to whatever room I am hanging in.

    Hope this tip helps someone.


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    Q: I would like some advice on how to wallpaper over paneling. It is in my kitchen, and I would like to know what all is necessary for a successful and attractive completed job. Is it necessary to fill in the groves in the paneling, or can a heavy weight paper be sufficient for the task?
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