1 - Establish an account with a photo hosting service. Many of us use Imgur.com. (Note: Photobucket no longer supports the ability to transfer photos to sites like this.)
2 - Take your photo, then using a software program on your PC, reduce its size to a maximum width of 750 pixels. You can also do this on Imgur. *
3 - Upload your photo to the host site following their directions.
4a - If using Imgur, copy the "BBCode (message board and forums)" information usually found directly to the right of your photo.
4b - If using a site other than Imgur, copy ALL of the image code information which is usually near your photo. Be sure the code starts with a web address such as "http:" and ends with ".jpg" or a similar image extension.
5a - If using Imgur, position your cursor where you want the photo to appear in your thread, and "Paste" the previously copied information. The photo will now appear for others to see.
5b - If using a site other than Imgur, position your cursor where you want the image to appear, click on the "Enter an image" icon (4th from left at the top of the Reply box), click on "Enter a non-floating image", paste the URL information as requested, and click "OK". When you post your reply, the image should now appear in the text.

NOTE: It is recommended that you set your photo hosting site accessibility options to "Private". This will permit fellow HandymanWire users to see your posted photo(s), yet prevent viewers from looking at personal photos that may also be hosted on the Internet.

* This is important as it makes your photo fit on the viewer's screens without making them scroll side to side to view it. With many Windows operating systems, you can simply right click on your photo in Windows Explorer, choose the Edit option, and resize it from the options listed.

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