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01/23/19 02:30 AM
the four wire harness tested good for continuity ,,,,
the four wire plug ,in the freezer is mounted vertical
but different from diagram
from top to bottom
checked for ac power
red to green
and white to red
measured no power
thanks.please let me know
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01/23/19 02:20 AM
Thanks Clint. Will get back with measurements, pics, and use a level to measure the “impact” of the crack.
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01/23/19 02:09 AM
GE Portable clothes washer
Model # GNW128PSMWW

Having trouble with the rinse cycle. It washes fine but the rinse is on and off for water coming in. Have to stop the machine and run the rinse cycle again. Just won't rinse right on it's own. Sometimes the water will come in but then it won't spin.
Any ideas on this, thanks.
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Around the shop
01/23/19 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by Able_Dog
That's the line Giuliani has been taking on everything,
There was no meetings with Russians, okay there were meetings
but they didn't discuss this, okay they did discuss this
but there's nothing wrong with discussing this.

They're getting very close to where denials are getting more and more difficult.

Coupled with
Trumps Great Declarations that both
He and His -- never had anything to do
With Russia ..
Rudy jumps in and keeps
trying to move the markers
. I felt this before even
reading the thought?
So Giuliani, another-- Proud American Patriot,
is not just moving the goal posts but using deception to do it.

Giuliani himself has denied
campaign collusion, but more importantly,
his client has publicly denied it time after time.
They lied about this and everything else.
What will they lie about next?

If one was paying attention to every time
Trump said to Mark His Words...

And how often Trump Tweeted- NO COLLUSION !
Adding Trumps > TOTALLY VINDICATED ! <
Even without Kellyanne's - little ```Sign Game```...*sigh*

And NOW The Trump and Rudy Show
comes out with ``` SO what !```..
It's not a crime and.. lie lie lie…

I tell YOU it's so hard following - let alone
making sense of Trumps `` Lies `````

One can ?
Just chalk it all up as part of
~~ The Art of The Deal ~~~~~~~~
And America ~ Being Sold ! ~
I still have Faith in the American Justice System
even though the Rich and Wealthy have a way of escape...
and never have to suffer being in the "real" criminal system..

Had it not been for a lack of money- how many
may have been found to be--- truly---- innocent---...?
Lying is not a crime...
Lying to Congress is....
Like that constant rebuttal in sharing
opinions < long ago...
I have never forgotten the old line
" Can you prove to me! " < over stupid stuff IMO
Hope Mueller finds the proof..
`````````````regardless of the outcome...

We'll see..
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Auto Repair
01/23/19 12:42 AM
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Around the shop
01/23/19 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by bilvihur
Originally Posted by jdevlin
They also have bear and wine making and distillery courses.

[Linked Image]

Sorry, I couldn't resist... laugh

Uh-ohhhh tired
Originally Posted by code_ceis

Taught by Tommy Chung? grin

Tommy Chung?
Tommy Chong ?
~ Ching- Chung- Chong ~~~
~~~ Bong--- all the day long ~~ tired
``` Cheech and Chong ! ``
````````````Up in Smoke` shocked grin
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Around the shop
01/23/19 12:08 AM
Jump to new posts GPS [by Able_Dog]
Came today, Garmin. Much better than other one but really question the search routine. Starts with entering number of house or building, then searches the state you are in and the closest neighboring state (TN) for that number, then gives you several options that match. If they don't work then it asks for a street name. If you have something like "MAIN" or "1st" it will ask you for a city after searching for several seconds.

Seems to me it should start with the state with the default being the state you are in. Then jump to the city, street then number. Oh well
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Small Engine Repair
01/22/19 11:26 PM
we stick with the blue Marine Stabil (branded) simply because we always have it on hand for our outboard motor.

just saying....
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Woodworking / Hobby Shop
01/22/19 11:10 PM
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Around the shop
01/22/19 09:40 PM
laugh grin
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Heating and Air Conditioning
01/22/19 07:51 PM
Been gone awhile. But now that I am back I am having problems with the above referenced system. I installed the system in 2014. It is in a addition that I built onto the original house. Don't laugh when I tell you that I haven't used the system other than testing it when it was installed and that was just the Air Conditioner portion as it was in mid summer. Everything checked out fine. As life would have it I had went back to work and recently retired "again" so to speak and was going to continue on my project. Low and behold the heat mode will not work. I have 4 air handlers and yes they are all set to heat so a mis communication error is not the problem meaning one is on the Air Conditioner mode. I have tried to look at error codes and there is none showing other than a green light ( no red or yellow) blinking. "mylinkdrive.com" says that everything is ok if the green is on. Nope. Another possibility is that there is a solenoid which adjust to the summer/winter mode that might be stuck in the summer mode. Anyone have one of these systems or suggestions.
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Around the shop
01/22/19 06:25 PM
Oh, nothing that'd stop that!!! Ice will have some of the hills slippery, but cold temps firm up the bogs nicely. I just wish we had enough snow (rather than the foot or so of ice) to snowshoe. It's pretty easy hiking right now, if you've got grippy boots.

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01/22/19 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by Jesse60647
Ok, I'll move it between the studs. Good idea about the future grab rails.

Thank you so much!

If you do this, make sure you keep notes as to location... wink
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01/22/19 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by Just_Bill
But be careful what you get the spray on, paint will never stick to that part.

Spray on a rag, then wipe on rubber seal.
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Around the shop
01/22/19 12:50 PM
In todays world, humor is lost on some people, but I like it even if it is dumb. smile grin
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01/22/19 03:25 AM
Thank you Clint! I'm fortunate that I am re-tiling the bath surround so I have easy access without having to go through the living room wall
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Auto Repair
01/22/19 02:03 AM
Code PO456 Emissions Systems Leak, Very Small Leak
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Around the shop
01/22/19 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by TheBrit
Interference (or not) is not a reviewable play

Then why did they take away the coaches challenge in the last 2 minutes?

They only get 2 and IF they have a challenge left (and a timeout to back it up if they lose) what's the issue?

I THINK they took away the challenge to prevent a team from calling a challenge to stop the other teams momentum or giving their defense a needed rest.

If that play had happened before the two minutes it still could not be challenged.
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01/21/19 10:33 PM
Originally Posted by FredDwyer
That would be the right way.

Not an overkill? I don't plan to use highest option CFM this vend has, so no more than 480 or 620 CFMs. Is it the end of the world not to do it that way?
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01/21/19 08:11 PM
No offense taken. Again, I have a nephew who does this and he loves teaching me!
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Around the shop
01/21/19 07:34 PM
Now that's a hot tip!!!
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Around the shop
01/21/19 07:27 PM
smile grin
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01/21/19 03:43 PM
Yeah. Two others were using 1/4" tubing, and brake clean.
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Around the shop
01/21/19 02:46 PM
0°F this morning, and the crust was hard enough to support ALL the dogs, but interestingly enough, they didn't want to stay out for long. I wonder why?
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01/20/19 11:22 PM
Job done. Have one more question, however. I noticed that the previous owners had placed duct tape across the air inlet opening, see picture: [img]http://imgur.com/gallery/Jcl76le[/img]

I now know why, there's a good draft coming through the opening marked with the red arrow in the picture. It's 4°F outside right now.

So I guess I wonder if this blower motor should have such a draft coming through it? And if it's ok to put duct tape over that opening?

As always, any input is much appreciated.
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