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Alcan Vinyl Windows: Condensation btwn Panes

Does anyone know anything about vinyl windows? Specifically, moisture has gotten between sealed insulating glass panels and the windows are only 7 years old. I would like to avoid replacing them every 5 years or so. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of the moisture and seal them up again?

Find a number for the manufacturer and complain. they may (well there is always a chance) replace them for you. There is no way for you to get rid of the moisture and reseal the panes. And you are right 7 years is too soon for them to fail. I know that Anderson Windows has replaced ones that failed that way after quite a few years, so it is worth trying. It is definitely a defect that caused them to fail.

Storm Window Condensation

I have looked on your website and haven't found this exact problem. I have just bought an older home which has old, painted double hung wood windows inside & aluminum storm windows on the outside. I live in Colorado which is a fairly dry climate but I am still getting a lot of condensation on the inside of the storm windows (between the two sets of windows). This happened a little bit even in the summer, but is apparent even more now that it is getting colder. I have lived in Colorado my entire life, and never really had a problem in other homes I've lived in, unless it was extremely cold outside. First of all, is this condensation a particularly bad thing? If so, what is the exact problem, too much ventilation or not enough? Other than replacing all the windows, is there any quick (inexpensive)solution?

It is a problem but a long term sort. The condensation will wet and rewet the wood over and over a period off time cause the sills to rot. The problem of condensation BETWEEN the inner and outer windows is caused by leaky inside windows. The humidity indoors travels into this space and condenses on the cold outer pane. To eliminate this problem you need to seal up those windows when you close them for winter. By using weather stripping and/or the clear plastic tape for sealing cracks you can prevent the moisture flow into that space and stop the condensation.

Window Fog

I bought a house that was built in 1974 and have a major problem. I have several windows that are double pane and are fogged in between. Is there a way I can clean them?
The seals are shot on the windows and the only real solution is to replace them.

Rips in Porch Screening

How should I go about repairing small rips and tears in old screening on my porch? Is it best to just replace the screening?

Whether you replace them or not will be how well you like the looks and effectiveness of your patches.
To patch small rips just use water proof glue to close them up. On plastic screens use a acetone-type glue. If you have a large hole you can put a patch on it, this can be darned in place with spare screen wires..

Stretching Screening Tight over Frames

We bought a house with a porch that has screens attached to 1"x2" cedar frames that are 28"x48".
The previous owner used fiberglass screening but it easily billows and rips. Should I switch to aluminum screening?, Since cedar is so soft, should I switch the frames to treated lumber?, and
what is the best way to stretch screening over these frames to get it tight?

A good way to stretch the screening is to lay two of the frames end to end. Lift the free ends slightly and attach the screening to the free ends. Then lay them flat again, stretching the screening, and attach the screening to the ends that are next to each other.

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Casement Windows that Bind

My house is 6 years old. Since new gradually most of my casement windows (crank out type) have become hard to open or close due to the window frame binding with the casement. Any help to remedy this problem.

Reduce the humidity level in the house and they may correct themselves.If you do not think it is the humidity get the manufacturers of the windows out to look at them. IF you do not know who the manufacturer is look on the window itself. Somewhere around the inside of the window, if double
glazed, you will see a metal strip all the way aroundthe whole window. This should be date stamped as well as the manufacturers name should be listed right on the metal strip. You will have to look hard for it but it is normally on the bottom right of the window but you never know. They may be able to be adjusted somehow to fit better.

Cranks for Casement Windows

Where would be the best place to look for a replacement crank for a casement window?

Either they can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or you can find reasonable facsimiles at Home Depot and such.

Soundproof Windows

I think we have the noisiest neighbors around! I need a way to soundproof my two-year old's windows from the noise outside. Any suggestions? Where can I find product information?

You can try something like quilted fabric, hung at the window using Velcro on all edges to seal during naps and bedtime. This should help to deaden the sounds from outside. OR get some rigid insulation sheets...they are often pink in color...cover with fabric and a glue gun to look nice. Make sure they fit snug inside the window frame or if not enough room again use Velcro. The stick up the window during the naps and night. They can be taken down during the day.

Window in Load-Bearing Wall

I am attempting to put an internal window into a currently load bearing wall... any advice on how to do it? I am thinking about building a frame out of 2x4's but I don't know if that will support the load... any help please.

First off, since it is a load bearing wall.. remember to provide support for the floor above while you have the wall opened up. You don't want the ceiling joists from above coming down on you when you open that section up.

To frame a window opening you should use at a minimum a header of 2x6s. Not knowing how wide a window you are talking, I couldn't say. But you should use 2x8s if are spanning more than 3 ft. To get an idea how to frame a window.. take a look at the picture of the framing for a door, shown below. The difference being under the window you will use a single 2x4 across the bottom of the window frame.. and then supported by studs cut short enough to fit.

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