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I am trying to re-glaze glass in galvanized casement windows. Is there some trick to make the glazing compound smooth out? When I run my putty knife along the joint the material seems to pull away from the joint. The only way I have been able to work the compound is by adding a small amount of mineral spirits or brushing some on after I have pushed the compound into the "L" joint. I am using new glazing compound from a gallon can.

(1) Kneed the compound so that is is very soft and a little sticky.
(2) Apply putty using you fingers onto the muttons "window frame" before setting the window.
(3) Set the window on top of the putty, working around the window, pressing on the glass so that the putty ozzes out of the back and sides. There should be no air pocket and the putty should fill all of the back stop of the mutton. Approx 1/8" of putty should be behind the glass now.

(4) Set your glaszing points or clips now.
(5) Trim the excess putty flush from the inside of the window. Do NOT trim the excess putty on the outside.
(6) Work from the one side, top, other side then bottom. This will help keep putty from messing up the finished section.
(7)Start by rolling the kneeded putty in to a (approx) 1/2" string. Set the putty with you thumb, pushing it firmly into place. The key here is to have more than enough putty Not less.
(8) Use a spray bottle of window clean such as Windex. Lightly spray the section. This will help keep the putty from sticking to th knife. NOTE Always keep the knife clean.
(9) Press firmly on the knife, the edge shoud follow the back stop of the mutton while resting on the outer edge of of it. This is more of a cutting than a smoothing action. If you need to touch up use the spray bottle to keep the putty wet and also keep the knife clean.
(10) A great way to make it look good,use a wide blade putty knife to strighten up the putty edge of the putty by gently pushing and trimming.

Stripping and Reglazing Old Sunporch windows

I am presently trying to repaint the outside of my sunporch.I am using a heat gun and scraper.Should I remove all the old glazing even if it is in good condition. What tools do I need ? Where do I purchase them? How do I properly remove the glazing? I have a home repair book but it doesn't go into detail.

It is not necessary to remove glazing that is in good condition. To remove the old dried up cracked stuff, just pick it out with a small flat screwdriver. (well it is what I use) Just be careful not to crack the glass. It should just pop out once you get it started.

Window Repair

In the process of chipping out the old glazing around an old window, I put a crack in one of the panes. What do I need to do to install a replacement piece of glass? Also, some of the old glazing chips away easily, and some won't come off so easily. Is there a better method than chipping away at it with a putty knife?

Try to soften up the glazing with a heat gun. CAUTION excessive heat on or around the glass will crack to glass.

Window glazing

We just moved into a 50 year old house and all the windows need major repair scraping, painting, and
glazing. They are 9 pane glass. We were planning on repairing them but are unable to find information on glazing. Do you have any information? Should we bother going to all the work, or would it be better (and cheaper) to opt for replacement windows?

Deciding to save the windows or replace them depends on a couple things. Your windows with 9 panes are probably a style which being old is not easily replaced and may well compliment your house's looks. On the other hand, they will not be as tight and being single pane, not as energy efficient. Sometimes aesthetics outweigh efficiency.As for reglazing, it is not too hard. You should pick out all the old hard glazing and then put in new. It is sold in tubes (like caulking) which makes installing it easier. Squeeze it in and then use a putty knife to wipe it flat into anice triangular bead.

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Window glazing

Why does the glazing around my windows keep shrinking and coming loose? I remove the old glazing first and make sure it is clean before applying the new glazing compound, but it only lasts about a year before I have to do it again?

Make sure the glazing you are using is fresh and still pliable. Old glazing is prone to the problems you describe. Very dry wood in the window frames can contribute to this. Finally, try painting over the glaze after it has cured a while, this will let it dry more slowly and evenly.

Old window putty

The problem is how to soften putty on a metal window frame in order to remove the glass.

Use a heat gun or a torch like the one you use to solder pipe. Warm the glazing and scrape it out with a stiff putty knife. Go slow and wear safety glasses and gloves.

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