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Washing Machine Q's and A's

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Painting in a Washing Machine

The paint on the top inside of my washing machine has peeled off leaving just the bare metal. It is causing rustspots on my clothes. How and what product should be used to repaint this surface?

Any metal paint, like Rustoleum or Temclad to help out. They are self priming and self sealing. Read the can for proper directions.Also, you can most likely use pocelain touch up paint. That would also work for you.

Washing Machine Dripping Inside

Well, this is the first time I've seen this. We have a washing machine that seems to work just fine. However, after we got back from a weekend trip, my wife noticed that there was a constant (although slow) dripping off the upper inside lining in the "tub".

Since the actual water hoses feed into the bottom of the washing machine, why is this dripping from the top? Is there a washer that needs replaced somewhere?

Doesn't the water spray down on top of the clothes from above and in the back of the tub?
(it does on ours)
Yes, the shut off valve must be worn, do you have a parts book? Or a handy parts store with one (if you have the make and model number) they should be able to give you the parts you need and some helpful advice too.

Washing Machine Full of Water

HELP! I opened my washing machine today only to find it more than half-filled with water! The machine was off for 2 days since I last did the wash and I don't know what is wrong with it. Is it time to get a new washer? This is a Kenmore. I put it on spin cycle to see if the water would drain out and it didn't, and now I'm afraid to leave home in case the washer overflows when I'm not around.

I had the same problem with my Kenmore a few years ago. I don't know if your problem is the same, but I took out all the water I could and then turned the washer on its side. There were two hoses connected to a plastic pump. When I disconnected the hoses and took of the pump, there was a child's sock stuck inside the pump. I removed the sock and problem solved.

Washing machine Belt Replacement

The belt on my washing machine needs to be replaced. I would like to know if anybody could tell me how to get the new one on. I was looking at it and I am not sure how you get it around all of the pulleys without completely dropping the motor. I have an older Kenmore. Any info. would help.

I replaced the belt on my Kenmore too. It is pretty easy. Just follow instructions that come with new belt.

Washing Machine Leak

Have small puddle of water from under washer, when it's running. How do I remove parts to see where leak is coming from? Whis is a Maytag washer.

If you pull it out from the wall, you should be able to take off the access panel on the back to get a view of underneath.

Whirlpool Washer - leaks, rubber and spin problems

I have a few problems.
1. My washer does not spin or drain when it is more than half full.
2. It leaks slightly, but can't see where the leak is coming from. I replaced the pump, and it still leaks.
3. There is also fine bits of rubber from the belt on the floor. I adjusted the belt to 1/2" of play, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. Any ideas?

Please tell me your washer is very old... because you may want to decide to trade it in or get rid of it.

1. This problem sound like motor failure because of age or wear and tear. Probably needs a new one.
2. Water leaks, unless they are obvious i.e. hoses, can be from anywhere in the system. Maybe from a valve, washer etc. You just have to be diligent in finding it.
3. Bits of belt on the floor is not a good thing! I suspect that it is related to your motor again or the motor pulley is out of alignment.
I think your motor will be your deciding factor in what you want to do next. Call an appliance repair shop and see what a used motor will cost you. Sounds like you've done all the right things so far.

Clogged Washer Drainpipe

The pipe that my washing machine water drains through seems to be somewhat clogged. The machine and pipe is in my garage, which has a concrete slab. I tried a little liquid Drano, but didn't work. Also ran a wooden stick as far as I could. Any suggestions? Alternatively, should I call a professional plumber?

* For under $10 you can buy a snake, which will go further than a stick and bend around the corners. Pick one up and the hardware store. As you run it through the lines turn it to help it go around corners. You should be able to 25 feet with one, so that should take you to the main pipe.

Look at our article on clogged pipes; click on the URL below

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UH! This Washing Machine Won't Drain!

Help! My washing machine is full of water but it won't drain anymore. Everytime it will filter in more water when I start at the beginning of the washing cycle but when I try to get it to spin, (so it will drain out the water), it just makes a loud buzzing noise! What's wrong with it and what do i do?

It could be a few things.. but that loud buzz.. sounds like something jammed.. or stuck.. in the transmission or linkages which shift the cycles. If you can open the back.. after pulling it away from the wall, you may be able to spin it by hand by moving the belt.. you maybe able to see where it is bound.

The loud buzz though.. sound like the same one it gives when it is out of balance??? The balance mechanism may be broken or not working properly.

Draining a Washing Machine

I am finishing my basement. My washing machine currently drains into a washtub, which drains through 1/2" pipe into a 2" pipe, which goes into the sewer pipe. My question is, is there any way I can drain the washing machine without using a washtub? I have seen in some houses where the drain hose for the washer just hangs into a plastic wall fitting. One issue I have is that if the water drains too quickly (i.e. I put the drain hose directly into the 2" pipe), it tends to push up through the French drain for a second (which is undesirable in a finished basement, obviously.) Any ideas you have would be appreciated.

Yes, you can pipe the washer directly into your sewer line. However, you do seem to have a problem with your drain rate. It is perhaps for that very reason that the tub arrangement was set up, to slow the drain rate. However, tell me, does that drain back up when you use any other drain in the house??

You SHOULD be able to let the washer discharge without it backing up..... Is there a trap in that French drain opening?

I believe, that unless you are worried about water building up on the floor of your basement, maybe you can cap that. What do you think?

Washing Machine Installation

How do you install a washing machine?

You need hot and cold water supply/shutoffs, preferably behind it for looks more than anything. An electrical outlet(120 or 240 volt) nearby, again preferably behind it, a drain, and last but not least, a level. If you want specifics and have absolutely no idea what to do, I suggest a plumber and electrician.

Washer and Dryer Installation

My mom is 70 years old and on a medication, that makes her dizzy. She has already fallen once and had to get stitches. I would like to move the clothes washer and dryer upstairs from the cellar in order to avoid a potential accident where she could get hurt bad.

My mom, who is a widow, lives alone in a ranch. We are considering putting the machines in a spare bedroom or a handicapped shower we built for my wheelchair bound father.

Are you aware of any plans, contractor or issues I should consider. I'm just starting to look for contractors and am not quite sure where to start.

I feel for your situation with an aging parent. Your idea is a good one. A plumber can do this renovation for you but you should get a couple of quotes from different business first (if you can). The work will involve some holes in floors or walls. Some retired builders/plumbers are probably working in your area as handymen so check that avenue out as well. They might give you a better price or perhaps a better job as well!

Washing Machine Rocks

My washing machine rocks heavily, even though we have tried to level it. We used a level and it shows that it is level. Is there anything inside the machine that is making it act unleveled like the motor missing a screw or something?

Are all four corner feet set on the floor? They need to be. Some are auto adjusting but some may require you to turn them to screw them lower or higher. Make sure all four feet are firmly planted... the washer shouldn't rock in any direction. Then.. (or if you have already done that) if it still rocks.. you should check underneath .. there should be an access panel behind it. if you can move it away from the wall and take, a look underneath while it is running you may find something loose.

Washing Machine 'Walks'

I have a Whirlpool washing machine that has started some terrible vibrations during the spin cycle. I have replaced the snubber, which did not look excessively worn. It does not do it as bad when the washer is empty and clothes balance does not appear to be the problem. The vibrations cause it to bounce around the floor, but the basket appears to be spinning fairly evenly. Is this a transmission problem or what?

Is it leveled properly? Even if it hasn't been moved recently, leaning against it, bumping it, settling into a wood floor will sometimes be enough to throw it off. Try that first.

Washer Timer Problem

I have an older Kenmore washer that after it fills, then begins to drain the water back out. It does it about one of three or four loads. If you turn the dial 360 degrees and restart it two or three times it might work. I appreciate any help you can give.

It sounds like the timer is bad... Check the price for a new one. being a Kenmore, Sears will have a replacement. They are fairly simple to replace.

GE Washing Machine Will Not Agitate

My three year-old GE washer is out of warranty and will not agitate. I would appreciate direction as follows:

1. What is the best way to remove the exterior panels to gain access to the motor, etc?
2. What should I look for?

First, check to see that your agitator is seated properly. Most new washers have a easily removable agitator. Go to the GE website www.ge.com for further help under FAQ's. It sounds like a problem with belt/clutch.

Washer Hums - No Spin or Agitate

I have a 5 year old White-Westinghouse that will not spin or agitate. It finished the previous load and failed to agitate after filling the next load. It will not spin either. There is a hum when it is attempts, and it trips off if allowed to continue. Any suggestions, and is it worth repairing?

This happened to mine last month. I pulled it out and grabbed the belt and then spun it by hand. I thought I could find where it was bound... there are a few different ratchet mechanisms that transfer the motor's turning into agitation and spin etc. Well it spun by hand.. and hasn't stuck since.

So.. what I am suggesting is do the same. Take off the access panel on the back and spin it by hand. It should spin. If not, check for where it could be bound. Some parts may be worn and may be easily replaced. Others may not, but you won't know till you look.

Kenmore Direct Drive Washer Won't Agitate or Spin

I have a 3-yr. old Kenmore, Series 90, direct drive washer. No agitate or spin, but drive motor runs. No funny noises, it just quit. All switches seem OK. Timer works. Unit fills and pumps out. I haven't pulled off the motor yet. There is a 5-year warranty on the gear case, but I have to pay the labor. Is it worth it, if that is the problem? Are there any problems common to this machine?

I replaced the motor coupling today. Unit runs fine )I have talked to several technicians, lately. This seems to be a common problem with some of the Kenmore/Whirlpool Direct Drive washers. The part cost $8.50.

Doesn't Spin Well Anymore

My 18 year old Maytag doesn't spin the clothes as dry as it used to on the final spin cycle. Is this a problem that can be economically repaired, or, should I look for a replacement?

Don't count your washer out for the count as of yet. Just remove the front panel of your machine by removing the two Phillips screws at the bottom of the front panel. Now there are two things to check.
1) At the front left corner you will find the motor. You will see the motor is bolted down to a mounting plate. Look at this mounting plate closely, there should be two springs that puts the tension on the belts, also there should be four rollers ( Roller color is generally a slight yellow ). As long as these two springs & the four rollers are in the mounting bracket, & you are able to roll the motor back & forth & this moves freely, the tension mounting bracket is alright but if any of these parts are broken or missing you will require a roller & spring kit.
2) If all above is ok check the two belts, these belts will properly require replacement.

Removing Agitator on Kenmore Washer

The agitator is striped and does not spin on my washer. I am trying to remove it but the shaft spins when I try to loosen the bolt. I can't hold it because of the agitator. Is there a way to hold the shaft or lock it so that I can loosen the bolt?

Remove the rear panel and look in there. I'll bet you'll find a pulley you can hold or secure while you remove the bolt.

Another answer:

A small impact wrench would work fine, however I think the only other alternative would be to try to gently wedge the agitator underneath with a wedge of wood or perhaps from the underneath side hold the belt or transmission pulley.

Maytag Neptune Washer and Small Rugs

Has anyone had trouble with the Neptune washer or any other new washer not being able to handle small throw rugs?

Heck, we put a HUGE bathroom "rag" rug into our Neptune and it cleans it as well as the HUGE machine at the Laundromat. This rug weighs 20+ pounds dry!

No problems. call the dealer. We have four little kids and the Neptune is the greatest machine we ever bought!

Washing Machine Leaking Oil

Is there a fix for dirty oil that is leaking onto the the floor from my washing machine? Is this a do- it-yourself project?

No.. probably not a DIY project. The oil is coming from the transmission .. it shouldn't leak oil of course, so there is no way to add it (that I know of) and replacing the transmission is about the hardest thing to replace on a washer.

Oil Leak?

My ultra dry washing machine seems to be leaking a small amount of oil from under the agitator. I was wondering how I might be able to take off the agitator to see where the oil is coming from. I looked in the manual, they said there should be oil free bearings on the machine or they are sealed in a permanent supply of lubricant. The machine is only about 7 years old.

There is two styles of agitators with the Ultra washers. The older style was held on by a bolt just under the cap, the second type of which I believe you have is a bit of a pain to remove but I have found it easier to use a belt slid under the agitator & with a hard & quick sharp upward pull the agitator should release from the hub. The bad news here is that the transmission will require replacement, but if you machine is only 7 years the good news as long has you have your bill of sale or can obtain it from where you purchased the machine the transmission should be warranted for 10 years. You will only have to pay for the labor & the hub & seal kit. Be sure to call a Ultra service center to obtain your warranty.

Fills Slow

I have just replaced the hoses. Now the machine takes a lot longer to fill. Especially the hot water. I notice that the cold water hose fills very hard. The hot water hose is not as firm. I took the hot hose off machine to see if it was clogged up somehow. It was not and it seemed to have a lot of pressure.Any suggestions?

Check to make sure your filter screens in your hoses don't have any junk in them..if so ,clean them out. Also, after doing the above try this. With your cold line disconnected at the back of the washer (and off at the tap) select "warm" water and pull the start in and out. This will "blow" out any residue in the line. You will have some water on the floor so place a bucket underneath. Do the same procedure with the other line and see if this helps.

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