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Cedar Lap Board Siding Replacement

We need a portion of exterior wall siding replaced. For some reason the wood has deteriorated on a portion of the house. Our first estimate for replacement of the cedar lap board siding was very high, apparently because of the cost of the cedar. The siding is 1/8 to 3/4 inch by 9 1/2 inch boards. Does anyone know of a good source for this material? or any other suggestions?

10" cedar siding can be ordered from any home improvement supplier like Home Depot. If you need clear #1 stain grade, it will cost you more than pre-primed #2 paint grade.

Either way cedar isn't cheap, and installing it takes longer than vinyl.

Replacing Facia Board

I live in Tampa, FL, and need to replace a lot of my facia board on my house. I have a couple of estimates, and one vinyl siding company wants to put vinyl there. I was told that this problem would re-occur if I just replaced the wood. Any ideas on this project?

If you keep the wood well painted it will last a long time, but vinyl is final.... Even if the wood is covered with aluminum, it will last a longer than wood left to withstand the sun and rain.


House Exterior

My horizontal masonite siding is pulling away from the vertical trim. I'm afraid I may be getting some water damage. What would be the best way to handle this problem. Should I remove the existing caulking material and replace with new so I seal the voids?

Yes by all means you should fix this... water will be getting back there where it shouldn't. The house won't rot and fall down over night.. but serious rot could set in after just one season.

Pull off/scrape off any loose or in the way caulking. Re-secure the siding tight to the house. Nail it back in. Then caulk any openings.

Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding

I just purchased a home with cedar siding. (The boards run vertically on the house) I noticed that there are a few spots where knots in the cedar fell out leaving holes (Up to 2 inches in diameter). I had a pest inspection and was advised these holes were not caused by termites, wasps, carpenter ants, etc.
What is the best material to fill these holes with? I plan on leaving the natural cedar color so I need something to blend with the wood.
Also, I've heard that linseed oil is good for treating cedar siding. Is this true? What would you recommend?

How many and how big are the knot holes? You can cut plugs from cedar and glue them in, sanding them flush for perhaps the best look. Or get a cedar colored wood filler and plug them with that.(make sure it says for exterior use)I would use a clear wood finish .. some are made specially for cedar and redwood...rather than plain linseed oil.

Cedar siding & stain question

Our new house has cedar siding that hasn't been stained in years. Some has recently been replaced & looks great. The rest is various colors depending on location. How do you use a semi-transparent stain & get it to all look the same. We are having it power washed & will need to remove a lot of mildew. will that do it?

With a semi-transparent stain you get fairly uniform color and coverage. I think after cleaning you will have good luck as long as you are staining the same or very close to the original color stain.

Cedar Siding Repairs

I have a bird (woodpecker) poking holes on my siding. What can I use to fill the holes and or replace the individual boards?

You can use wood filler or exterior grade joint compound if the siding is to be painted. Or just replace the boards by prying up the board above and removing the nails, the board in question, then installing the new piece, then renailing.

Steel Siding

Steel siding

We have dark brown steel siding that appears dirty on the east, south and west sides of the house. What can we use to clean it? We have tried several items, like car upholstery cleaner, etc. It looks great for a couple of months and then its back to its dull look. Any comments would be appreciated.

There are siding cleaners available from home improvement centers, but they will work only as well as the siding you have. As the siding ages and the paint oxidizes, nothing really short of repainting will work.

Steel Siding Installation by Me?

We have the opportunity to obtain steel siding that has been removed from a house. What kind of special skills or knowledge is required for installation? Any information or advice will be appreciated.

Are you talking true steel siding or old aluminum siding? Either way installing one or the other is not really a do-it project, particularly not steel siding. It is a specialty application even among professionals.

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