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Mossy Roofs Q's & A's

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Moss on Shingle Roofing

I live in the southeast and have noticed fairly new roofs that are starting to mildue.  Is this a geographical condition or the type of shingle being used?

It is a location problem but not just there.  It can be solved using shingle shield { roof cleaner} I believe it can also be used to prevent moss build up, algae problem can also be the product of poor roof ventilation, also if there are trees growing toward the roof causing there to be a shadow on the roof ...cut its limbs!!!

Looking for zinc

I live in Northampton, Massachusetts. I wrote you about the use of copper strips on a roof, in order to retard to growth of mildew/mold. You suggested the use of zinc instead of copper. I have called all around my local area for this product, and have been unsucessful in finding any.. Do you have any suggestions.. I have tried local metal fabicators/roofers/lumber yards. Or is there another option to zinc??

go to They sell a product called Shingle Shield Zinc Strips.

Roof Mildew

I have a asphalt shingle roof which I clean with bleach and after 12 months it is again covered with mildew. A chemical can be sprayed on a clean roof that will retard the growth of mildew for two years then it has to be reapplied. I'm trying to find out what this chemical is and where it can be purchased. I live in central Florida.

Try this site http//

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