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Leaky Roofs Q's & A's

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Flat Garage roof recommendations?

I'm tired of my leaky garage roof. It's a plain ol' tar paper flat roof. Previous owner patched quite a bit and so did I. It still leaks. Should I put another layer of paper and tar on it? Should I run the seams perpendicular to the existing ones? (from front to back). Should I tear off down to the decking and start fresh with new paper and tar? If so, should I go side to side or front to back? Is there a different product that I should try? I'm sure that the huge pine tree towering over the garage doesn't help. Can you?

Your garage roof is flat?? In the case of a flat roof.. the direction of the seems shouldn't matter, except to overlap away from the prevailing wind.

If you really want to eliminate the hassle, build a peak on it.. even a 4/12 pitch would enough to solve your problem..

I hate flat roofs.. you will need yearly maintenance on them...


Leaky roof

I have a leak in the center of the north side of my roof. I have been in the attic crawl space and pin pointed the leak but, I can not find any marks, holes or cracks and the nail heads are covered w/ tar... How can I seal this area? Will I need to seal the whole roof?

How does the roof look from the outside. What may well be happening is water is running down the roof under the shingles until it gets under the roofing paper and then finding a way in. Is there a chimney or other flashed opening above the leak? Are the shingles damaged around or above the leak? Do you have a ridge vent that may be letting the water in.

If overall the shape of your shingles is good, then you should be looking for a leak such as I have asked about above. Flashing will be easy to seal or replace. Even a damaged shingle can be replaced.

Roof problem

I have water leaking from gutters. Had a roofer look at it and he said the roof flashing that is on there doesn't come out far enough. He said I could just get some new flashing and install it.. Should I just remove the old flashing and install the new, or can I install the new over or under the old?

Is the water spilling over the gutters or is there a leak in the gutter? Is the flashing coming out from under the shingles as an extension into the gutters? Anyway, always take off the old and then install the new. It always works better for me if I have a good working surface.

Leaking awning

My awning is just under the lip of the roof above the front windows. The slope to the awning was built not to allow water to readily run away from the house; thus, water flows directly on the windows and into the house. I would like to know if there is some waterproof caulking that could be placed between the roof and the top of the awning. Is there a compound that expands into place and would be waterproof/weather resistant?

There are more types of caulking then you could shake a stick at... so that can make it harder not easier right? Go to the hardware store knowing what the material is you will be sealing between... i.e. the awning and the roof. Ask or look yourself at the different caulking material. Most will not expand, but you can lay in several beads to build up an area. There is also a backing material you can insert in wide cracks so allow you to use less caulk and form a better seal. The silicone sealants last longest, but if you are sealing to asphalt roof shingles, you will want roofing caulking...

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