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Want to redesign our driveway from straight to a curving one coming from the front gate. Have plenty of room (I think!) but can't find any info on recommended widths, how much room we should allow for backing up and turning around to exit, or suggestions for maximum parking. Any suggestions or advice???

A ten foot minimum width is the only advice I would give, other than to get out your tape measure and check out the neighborhood. See what you like and measure it. As for backing up and parking. Forget the grass for a minute and drive and park like there is a drive there and see how much room you need.

Driveway Oil Clean Up

The vehicle owned by the previous owners of our house leaked oil on the driveway. It is still quite wet. What is the best way to clean this up?

The best cleaner I have found is kitty litter. If you scrub it in with a block of wood (a piece of 2x4) you can scrub out some nasty stains.

New construction driveway

I recently had an 1800 sq. ft driveway installed. Should I seal it before winter or wait until next spring/summer for it to fully cure? If before winter, what temperature should I make sure the day is for the sealant to be most successful?

What kind of driveway? Concrete?Asphalt? It is an asphalt driveway. Would you recommend sealing it before or after winter? Concrete sealing can be done the next day. Asphalt drives can be sealed after 90 days.

Stamped driveway

I have a new home with a poured and pressed stamped driveway, colored. is there any special care that should be taken? should it be sealed somehow?

Yes, the contractor should have sealed it. He should have also cut expansion joints in it at least every 10'. In Canada you cannot stop the cracking, only try and control where they occur.

Parking Area

This is probably a little off the wall but here goes. I park a 19' boat trailer on an area of my lawn. With wet weather, groves are being created. Short of building a concrete slab, is there other flooring type of material available that I can lay down. Wood (even pressure treated)is not an option due to termites.

. Your termites even eat pressure treated wood???
I have seen JUST what you are looking for.. I just can't remember where. They sell a plastic mesh that you put into the ground. The grass grows up through the holes.. and the grid itself supports the car and boat. I have seen them at our local school to allow lawn to grow where the kids always walk. I have seen them somewhere advertised for just your application. The holes in the grid are maybe 2 inches in diameter, and the gridwork itself is about 2 inches deep. Look at large landscaping/gardening stores..

Driveway stains

Does anyone have tips for removing oil and rust stains from concrete driveways or tips for covering them up?

Best thing I have found for oil stains is cat litter rubbed hard into the concrete with a block of wood.

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