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Z Brick Q's & A's

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Locating Z Brick

Anybody heard of a product called Z Brick -- a sort of faux brick about half as thick as normal brick but made of same or similar materials, for use on interior walls. Or any other similar products. I want to add brick to an exterior wall and want it to look real but don't want the thickness of standard brick. Any ideas would be appreciated.

You can find Z brick at any Menards or Home Depot...if you have any near you. I am looking for a material to put under our just purchased cast iron woodburning fireplace. Anyone know of a good fireproof material, that is easy to clean and looks good?

The toll free number to find a dealer near you is: 1-800-806-8586. Ace Hardware, or Truevalue hardware store, if they don't stock it, can order it. Also if you check under you can get a list and picture as well as cost of each style.

Well z-brick is a manufactured brick product but it is not 1/2 the thickness of real brick. It is only 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch thick. It is glued on normally and then grouted. Make sure the backing you are putting it against is solid and free of movement also make sure no moisture can get to the brick they are very thin and water will penetrate them. Check with your supplier there are several brands very similar to z-brick and some are not meant for exterior use.


More Locating Z BRICK

Anybody know where I can obtain this product? Home centers in my area do not carry it. Builders Square used to, but are liquidating. Any location of company who either manufactures it or sells it?

Menards, Ace Hardware, Tru-Value, Do It Best, Lowes, and Sutherland's carry Z-Brick.

Finally, you can call this telephone number for Z-brick, 1-800-806-8586. They WILL give retail sources near you.


Z-Brick Removal 

Does anyone have any good ways to remove z-brick from a wall. I am removing a free standing fireplace that was installed 20 years ago and the walls surrounding it are z-brick.  I am using a hammer and putty knife and its going to be a very slow tedious process.

It is actually much simpler to remove the entire wall (sheetrock and all) than to try to remove the brick and glue. It's the same procedure used to remove ceramic tile...Then install new drywall...

Z brick

Looking for adhesive mortar in tan----started a project half way through---the store stopped selling it---tried home depot and Lowes---nothing .

Did you try to find any "Z Brick" products at Ace Hardware or any Menards store? will ship Z-brick and supplies .

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