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Thermostat Q's & A's

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Replacing Thermostat

Is it a difficult job to replace my thermostat?  How do I do it?

It is quite easy. Especially if you are replacing it with the same model.   It will have only 2 wires attached to it, and is screwed into the wall with just a couple screws. Take the old one to the plumbing store, and ask for one like it.

Replacing Round Thermostat w/Digital

How hard is it to replace a round type thermostat with a digital type thermostat?

It should be very simple. There should be just two wires to remove from the old and two to hook up on the new one..

Heater Won't Shut Off After Moving Thermostat

Moved the thermostat last night about two feet, because of cosmetic reasons. Everything worked fine until the following night when the heat wouldn't shut off. The temperature reached about 80 degrees, so I turned it off on the fusebox. Never had a problem with it until I moved the thermostat. Any ideas would be appreciated!

If the thermostat is one of the old style, thermostatic spring type, you may have jostled it enough to make the contacts stick. One of the new l.e.d. circuit board type? No clue. Did you open the thermostat and see if its contacts are stuck should.. Turn the temperature setting both ways and see if everything is moving.

One thing too, make sure the wires aren't shorting....

How to Move Thermostat

I need to move my thermostat about a foot from where it is. Do I shut the power off at the boiler shut off or at the breaker box? Will I have to do anything other than just taking the wires off and putting them back on?

You don't have to shut anything off. Just snip the bare wires back to the insulation. If you hear it run while you're working, all it is doing is calling for hot water. If it makes you feel better, you can shut it off at the boiler. Nothing more to it. Just put them back where you found them on the back of the thermostat. Turn the dial all the way down on the stat if you don't shut the furnace off.

Thermostat Only Works on First Floor

I have a 2-floor home with gas heat. My thermostat kicks the heat on fine on the first floor. The thermostat does not kick on the heat on the second floor. I took the thermostat off the wall on the second floor and connected the two wires, shouldn't this start the furnace? Does this mean my problem is not the thermostat but a problem with my furnace? The house is 4 years old so I am sure that wiring to the basement is in good shape. Appreciate any suggestions!

Do you know where the wires for the second floor connect in the control unit on your furnace? If so, jump the two screws with a piece of wire to see if the furnace kicks on. If it doesn't, it's controller time. If it does, bring the whole thermostat down to the furnace and hook it up with a short wire. If the furnace kicks on again or doesn't, you'll know what you need to do. Thermostat or wire to the second floor, one or the other.

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Detecting a Short in Thermostat Wiring

It appears that I have a short (it's a new house) in the wiring that goes from my thermostat to the telestat (actuates the flow of hot water to a certain zone in my home -- I have radiant heat).

My question is, is it possible to detect where the short is occurring? I would like to minimize drywall damage. Furthermore, I would prefer to find the short and fix it rather than running additional wires through the roof of my house. I have a flat roof in which leaks are notorious.

You can try cutting the line in a spot (or spots) where you have access and checking it there. Just splice the wire back together again after.

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