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Garage Door Q's & A's

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Garage Door Spring

I have a garage door that has two springs on it.   One of the springs broke. What do I do? 

You can buy a new spring for it. At a big hardware store where they sell garage doors, you should be able to get a new one. You should probably buy two, since the other may not be far behind. They will need to know the size and material of your door to match up a spring size.

To install the new one, make sure the door is all the way up. (Without the spring the door is REALLY heavy. I know a guy that got himself stuck in his garage, the door was down and the springs not yet connected. It was a funny story) You will need to adjust the tension (lengthen or shorten the cable that holds the end of the spring, until the door opens very easily, but also manages to stay closed.

I am not sure if your other springs were secured this way, or what happened when it broke, but that spring has a LOT of energy when it is stretched. It is a good idea to run a cable down through the center of the spring fixed at either end to hold it if it breaks. This will protect people and cars in the vicinity.

Garage screen doors

I would like to learn how to install garage screen doors across car door openings.If someone has any info.that could help,please advise.

There is a source for screen doors try Vinyl Tech at 800- 282-6019. They sell kits.

To make one yourself will involve making a frame with a track that the screen doors slide on. I am not sure how easy that would be.. The ones you buy come with a metal frame. You do have to put that together, though.

Garage door - broken spring

How do I replace the large coiled springs that helps my garage door open easily? The springs are
a yard long and 3 inches in diameter and are located inside the garage, above the door, and are horizontal. How do I get the springs off the rod? The door is an early 1970's vintage "Overhead
Door" .

I would speak to the Overhead Door folks. Give them a call and find out, what it costs to replace the spring. Unlike the ones that run along side the raised door and work with a cable and pulley.. those prewound springs in the Overhead Doors are dangerous to mess with.

Garage door cable

One of the two cables running down the sides of my garage door snapped. What do I need to do to replace it. Do I have to release the tension on the springs?

What you need to do is call a garage door company to repair it. Playing with the high-tension springs can cost you your life. Most companies charge less than $100 to repair and replace cables...Not worth serious bodily harm for that price... My sentiments exactly. We went through this with another person. If you have never done it,and like the way, your face looks, make the call. Messing with those springs can put an amateur in the hospital. Seriously.

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Garage door cables

The rod that runs across the front inside wall of my garage that the cables spool around has lost its tension. When the door opens, it gets about halfway up and the rod stops gathering the cables, and the cables pop off the spool. Any suggestions, short of calling "the guy"?

I'm not sure if it's the same situation, but I was able to crank up the tension on my door when I had similar symptoms. You have to be VERY careful not to pinch your fingers in the gears when you do it. My problem was that one side had more tension than the other did and the door was coming down crooked. I remember adjusting the tension on side to match the other. You need to use several screwdrivers and crank the tension on each side the same number of turns. I have moisture between some of my double pane windows and have had for some time now. This has left an ugly film on the glass as it dries. Is there an easy way to disassemble the window to clean the glass and than reseal.

Garage door openers.....closing problem

I'm having a problem with the closing of my garage door and suspect a problem with a couple wheels. Is there a trick to replacing these wheels without removing the entire door.

This may solve your problem. Sears sells replacement pulley "wheels" as they often wear down and rust over time. They are very simple to install. All you need to do is release the tension spring, take off the old pulley "wheel" and replace with the new one. Then reconnect the tension spring. Might as well do both sides during the same exercise.

I might be mistaken but those may not be the wheels he's referring to. If you mean one of the many small wheels on either side of the door, the ones through the hinges where the panels connect, you don't need to take springs off. Just remove the 7/16" nuts from the hinge and remove at an angle so the wheel and hinge come out easily, install the new wheel onto the hinge and reinstall and tighten nuts up. You're done.

Garage Door

This morning my wife backed the car out of the garage without opening up the door. The door is a traditional wood door with four panels across and 16 masonite squares up and down. The masonite panels do not seem to be damaged. However, the horizontal pieces on the bottom two panels are cracked. My question is can these horizontal pieces be replaced. If so, should I remove the springs (sides) and disassemble the door from the bottom up and replace the wood as I go? Is it worth trying to fix or is it cheaper to replace the entire door. The rest of the door (hardware, tracks,etc.) seems to be fine.

Many years ago... I drove my future wife's car into her father's garage door. Well I never lived that down. Especially since the door remained there for years. What he did to fix it was use a piece of angle iron bolted across the broken frame member. Maybe you can do that too. You can check on the price of just a door.. no hard ware.. and see what that costs.. Also.. check the ads.. you may find used or never used doors for sale. You can replace and work on just a row of panels if you remove the hardware. You will probably have to remove the springs.. or at least release the tension since the cable attaches to the bottom of the door.. and that is one of the broken panels, right?

You stole my thunder. I was going to suggest the same thing. My wife backed into ours years ago also. A couple pieces of angle, a handful of bolts, problem resolved. That was 13 years ago. I have the same door.

Garage door sideways when opening

The door is traditional wood, with springs on the side of the door. A few days ago, one of the springs snapped. I believe it is the original from 1961. I went to the store to find a replacement (for the four), and ended up trying different length, and finally, I got it to work with longer springs. However, now the door doesn't "balance" or stay in its position when operated by hand at a knee high. It wants to go up all the way. In addition, when I open it with the opener, it bounces at the sides.

You have to make sure the tension on the two sides are equal. So.. make sure the cable is as close to the same length as possible. Also.. since the door doesn't want to stay closed. relax the tension a little. You just have the springs too tight. The trouble when you buy different springs, is you may be having trouble getting the springs to lift the door when it is close to all the way up... if they are too long. and if the are too short, getting the door to keep from popping back open when the door is closed. Right?

Also.. while you are into the replacing. install a cable through the center of the springs.. fixed at either end. That way when a spring snaps, it doesn't go flying everywhere.

Stanley Garage door hinges and rollers needed

Do you know who supplies hinges and rollers for a thirty year old, four section, metal Stanley garage door? I'm told the door is out of production. Are the app. 4"x4" hinges and associated steel and plastic rollers available anywhere?

Is there a reason that other replacement hinges and rollers won't work? You may try them.. I don't know the specifics of your door, but you may be able to use ones off of a late model door.

Garage door clearances + joists...

I'm putting in a new garage door (the old one was a 'solid' wood door) into a low clearance opening. The problem is I'm about 2" short on clearance above the horizontal rails (which cross span the joists).

My question is can I cut into the 2X8 joists - about a 1"Wide X2"Deep rectangle - without any problems? or can I make the cut but reinforce the joists? (if so, how much support should I add)

The garage is a two stall (two singles) with a width between supports (concrete sides and I beam center) of about 13' per side.

It sounds like it would be much easier to cut 2" off the bottom of the tracks than to fool around with the structural support of the joists. The door will work just as well.

For the price most pro garage door installers take to hang new doors...(like about $100) It is hardly worth trying to do this one's self...

Garage doors-wood vs. metal

I would appreciate any information regarding the relative merits of wood versus metal garage doors.

There are NO merits of wood vs. metal doors...Metal have won the race...
What you typically want is an insulated aluminum or vinyl, which works equally well in a hot vs. cold climate. Avg. cost plus install in US is about $500 for single door plus labor.... Figure about $900 for door and install for a 16ft wide door. Add about $200 for opener...

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