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Nicotine stains on sink top

I have a few nicotine stains on a marble-like sink would I get them out?????

Flitz Graffiti remover might be the ticket. It will remove smoke stains.

Cleaning Permanent marker

We had a toddler get a hold of a "sharpie" permanent maker as doodle on the oven door. We wiped off as as much as we could before it dried, but there is still a distinct group of lines. What should we try to clean this with?

What works best is acetone, finger nail polish remover.
(try it in a small area first to assess its impact on the stoves finish.)

HELP!! How to take off grease on the overhead microwave.

I have found that Dawn Dishwashing detergent straight from the bottle on a soft cloth is the best grease remover out there. Try it, it just might work for you also..

Brass door fixture finishes

The protective coating on the brass fixtures on my front door is peeling, and the fixtures are badly tarnished. How can I safely remove the old coating, buff the fixtures back to a high shine (like gold), and re-coat with a protective lacquer? I've tried Brasso, but the old coating is not coming off. Can you recommend some products? Someone told me to avoid steelwool.

To remove old finish, use lacquer thinner. Then, to shine, use brasso or a mildly abrasive polishing cream specifically for use on brass and fine metals. After polishing, get some spray on high-gloss lacquer and put on two or three even coats. Keep in mind, you will probably have to do this again in a few years. Any finish will develop tiny pinholes and eventually let air in which will tarnish the fixture again.

Cleaning stone mantle

Can someone recommend a strong product to clean a 100+ year old stone fireplace mantel that is terribly blackened?

You might try Flitz Marble Polish.

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Burn Stains on Cultured Marble

My son's girlfriend left a curling iron on our bathroom vanity and it left a slight burn stain. Is there any way to remove it without damaging the cultured marble.

I have this recipe here, though I have never used it.... For removing stains from marble
Bleach them out with a thick homemade paste of hydrogen peroxide and powered whiting (from a paint store) Spread the paste over the stained area and add a few drops of ordinary household ammonia, and keep the paste damp by covering it with a sheet of plastic wrap. Allow the paste to stand on the surface for a few minutes then wash it off. Rinse with hot water and repeat if necessary.
That is for marble.. is cultured marble the same?

HELP!! Dull Faded Aluminum Siding

I have a 20 year old mobile home with brown aluminum siding. I get it hand washed every couple of years, but it only looks good for a little while, it's all dull and ugly. I don't want to paint it because my neighbor did that a couple of years ago and it's already starting to peel. Does anyone have a suggestion?

I have the solution for your problem. Everbrite Protective Coating will refinish faded, dull, oxidized mobile homes and other faded metal buildings to their original color and finish without all the problems of painting colored aluminum. Thousands of mobile homes and metal buildings have been refinished. If you would like to see the before and after pictures, visit http// and e-mail

Cat urine smell

I have a dug-out crawl space and a cat (I'm thinking a male) has made its odorous mark under there. I smell it on me when I go down there and the odor often seeps into the house. I think I've plugged the holes that allowed the cat in, but the smell lingers.
Also, another problem. I'm assuming it's that smell coming through my hardwood floors or the door in the floor to the crawl space that has attracted one of my own cats to make her own mark on my hardwoods.
Any suggestions for getting rid of it? I've tried Nature's Miracle on the floors. So far no luck. I have no idea what to do about the dirt.

I found something using a search engine. It's called PureArye Odor Eliminator. Has a peach smell. Endorsed by some pet or cat mag. so it says. Just type in purearye. I'm only telling you this because you probably tried Febreze and all the others right? Might be basically the same thing but you never know.

Get yourself a small fluorescent blacklight so you can pinpoint the spot. when you shine the black light on the spot, it will glow and really stand out. Don't ask me why, but it does.

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