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Dehumidifier Q's and A's

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We recently purchased a new dehumidifier for our basement and my husband is complaining that the basement is warmer (75 degrees) than it has ever been. He says his friends claim that a dehumidifier works the opposite of a refrigerator and it should be putting out cool air. Since it is getting moisture out of the air and seems to be running fine, I say it's warmer because of the very dry and hot summer we have been having. I took the new one back and exchanged it to appease him and it 's the same as the other one.

I say it's running fine, he says it's not. Could there be something wrong? Or is it because of the hot and dry weather?

You are right. It is drying the air, but it is adding heat to the room as well. A dehumidifier is basically just like an airconditioner... (cooling the air to lower its dewpoint and condense the water vapor in the air) except an air conditioner dumps the heat it removed from the air outside... while a dehumidifier just dumps the heat back into the room. The dehumidifier uses the air it just cooled to cool the freon in the condenser (freon condenser) and it picks up all the heat it just removed plus the compressor heat.. from the work it did running.

Even a refrigerator adds heat to the room it is in. (if you open the door of the fridge, it won't cool the room... just make it warmer)

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