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Interior Painting
With the right supplies, quality paint, proper preparation and your own effort, you can restore a brand new look to your rooms or paint your brand new rooms like a pro. Read on as we go step by step:
  • Interior Painting

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    Q: I want to remove some old exterior paint that has cracked/chipped around some windows. It's easy to get rid of the chipped stuff, where the former owners didn't first put primer, but I can't get rid of the paint where there was primer. Any suggestions that have worked for you? A chemical solvent? Using a heat gun?
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    Painting Preparation
    Before you spend the time and money painting, take the time to prepare properly. Read this article before you get started.
  • Prainting Preparation

  • Fall and Winter Palette
    Welcome the colors of fall and winter.... Gail McCauley of the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute describes how to decorate with the colors of the coming seasons.
  • Colors of Fall and Winter

  • Decorate your Retreat
    A taste of the mountains.... Gail McCauley of the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute describes how to turn your summer retreat into a mountain-like paradise.
  • Taste of the Mountains

  • Painting Tips
    Sealing a lid.... How do you minimize the evaporation of paint or varnish thatís kept in a store-bought can? With the lid on securely, turn the can upside down for just a second or two, then return the can right side-up. This coats the entire inside top surface of the can with a thin film, therefore, helping to seal the lid.
  • hints and tips

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