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Workbench Plans
These plans are for a simple workbench you would build for your garage or along the wall in your shop. It is a sturdy bench, built simply, but to last as long as the structure you put it in.
  • Build a workbench

  • Loft Bed Plans
    bunkbeds For students in a dorm looking for more space, a bunkbed that is strong, inexpensive and easy to build, may be the answer. If you are looking to loft your bed and put your desk or a chair or other furniture under it, these plans will work for that too. And if you are just looking for an inexpensive, yet sturdy bunk as a temporary unit.. take a look....
  • Bunk Bed Plans

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    Q: I own a Weedeater lawn mower with a Tecumseh 4.5Hp engine. I t has been sitting idle for about two years, I have changed the oil, replaced the air filter and spark plug but it does not want to turn over. The fuel lines are clear and I've cleaned out the carburetor. Any tips.
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    Build Saw Horses
    The plans shown here are from the saw horses I have used for an eon. They have held up to everything I have put them up to and are fairly simple to build so I will share these plans.
  • Saw Horse Plans

  • Desk Plans
    for a young child's desk. Simple design with storage under the top.
  • Child's Desk Plans

  • Folding Table Plans
    are simple enough to make in a day. This handy table is perfect for the porch or deck.
  • Folding Table

  • A drying rack
    is a simple enough item to make. Inexpensive and straight forward, it can be made relatively quickly and easily. The plans detailed here are for a rather large one.
  • Building a clothes drying rack

  • When wood
    absorbs water, it expands and when it dries again, it shrinks. If you do not plan for this movement, your projects can be weakened, disfigured or even ruined.
  • Dealing with wood movement

  • A Tape Measure
    with a difference. Check out our review of the Wide Boy, Score N Snap tape measure. See what we think.
  • Score N Snap

  • We offer
    these tips on making your home safer for your little one(s). Print it off and take a walk through your house.
  • Safety Checklist

  • If you don't already,
    you may want to give "Green" cleaning a try. There are many recipes for environmentally safe cleaning, here we provide just a few of the recipes community members have used to keep their homes clean and green!
  • Green Cleaing

  • There's something
    for almost any deck owner here, so please read the following information on caring for your deck.
  • Caring for your deck

  • A handy bunch of tips
    for cleanig problems around the home.
  • Cleaning Tips

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