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walls and drywall

Patching a hole
You can repair a large hole in a wall by fitting in a patch cut from a scrap piece of wallboard. The patch will be held in place, or backed up by a backup plate. Follow the steps and illustrations
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    Q: Please tell me how to replace a piece of drywall (wallboard) about the size 5 feet long x 2 feet wide. The piece that needs to replace was kicked in starting at the baseboard and goes up about 5 feet toward the ceiling. A tenant recently moved out of my unit and this is the condition I found it in. Can I just cut a piece of drywall and nail it to the wall, then tape it and paint? Please tell me how to do the job myself.
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    If you find yourself staring at a blank wall, it's time to do something about it. It's a decorating fact of life that walls are the largest expanse in any room, and how they are covered and decorated is a real challenge to every home owner. Should you paint a wall? Or paper it? Or cover your walls with fabric? And what colors should you select for each wall?
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  • Follow the steps
    and illustrations below. Use a keyhole saw or a sharp utility knife to make the hole's irregular shape an even square. This will allow the backup plate to fit behind it........
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