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Trim Tips

Corner Joints

Corner Joints

Perfect Fit For Corner Joints

I suggest doing all outside corner joint pieces first, striving for that perfect fit (glued is best) where it juts out. Then do the inside joints as follows:

I recommend that one NEVER make a double 45 inside corner joint with any trim; base, shoe, cove, crown, chair rail, etc. Rather, one should square cut the inside corner end of one piece and install it with the square cut to the joining wall.

Then bevel the inside corner end of the meeting piece at 45 and cut away, with coping saw or recip saw, the 'exposed' angle wood ( visualize looking at the face of this piece - the cutout of the meeting end will exactly match the contour of the face of the trim it's going to fit against). If this piece is cut a tad long and the 2 ends fitted first, when the outward bow in the middle is pushed to the wall, the joint will look like it grew that way! And shrinkage/swelling cycles will result in a much less noticeable joint than if 2 45s are used.



When there is a 1/2" gap under baseboard, in the Southeastern US, it's often installed that way in rooms to be carpeted, with carpet and pad more than making the opening invisible - makes the baseboard look taller, too. If such an installation is being converted to hard flooring that will leave a gap, then a piece of small section trim would be preferable to caulkfilling.

Shoe Molding/Quarter Round Use

I must when baseboard sealing of the gap between floor and wall use shoe molding or quarter round. It is flexible and follows the waves in the floor. When properly angle nailed, the shoe molding snugs up tightly to both floor and baseboard.

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