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Score N' Snap

A product review

A great tape measure ... with a difference.

I had the chance to try out a new tape measure called the Wide Boy. Sort of like "building the better mouse trap", some things are always being improved. As far as tape measures go, this is a very good one. It has an extra wide blade; 1 1/4 inches wide. That equates to stiffness. You can stretch this tape out to almost 11 feet before it will bend over. The case is sturdy and cushioned to protect it when it is dropped. And the button you push down to lock the tape is recessed so it can't break off. Overall, it looks like it will last a lifetime.. or a good long time anyway.

Now the difference. The end clip has a slot in it to set the blade of your utility knife in. Rather than measure and snap a line, and then cut along your line, you can set the blade of your knife in the end of the tape and measure and cut in one motion. Using this tape to measure when you are cutting drywall will save you a ton of time. Ok, so it took me a little while to get the feel, but after a bit, I got the hang of it. Once you do, it is basically score and snap, as the name implies. The same approach can be used on any score and snap type material.

If you are interested in ordering a Wide Boy tape measure, go to and enter Wide Boy in the "find it" under product name. They sell there for 10.99.

You can call 800-896-8558 to get info on how to order one.

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