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Removing Finishes

Removing Old Clear Finishes

The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System The Basics:

Over the years, old clear finishes, sealers and dirt can build up, giving your deck a tired, worn-out look. To restore the natural beauty of the wood, use Flood PowerLift®. If you are planning to refinish the deck, PowerLift can also be diluted to prepare the wood by removing any mill glaze and opening the wood pores to enhance penetration of the finish.

What You Need:
  • PowerLift Deck Sealer Remover
  • Tarp, dropcloths
  • Latex gloves, eye protection
  • A stiff bristle (not wire) brush
  • Garden hose or pressure washer
  • Soap and water
The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System
Doing The Job:

Cover any areas you will not be treating, such as plants, shrubs and bushes, with a tarp or dropcloth. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection whenever working with a stain and finish remover. The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System

  • Apply a uniform coat of PowerLift remover. Keep the area wet for 10-15 minutes, longer if necessary.
  • When the dirt and old finish begins to lift from the wood, scrub with the stiff bristle brush. Repeat the process on stubborn areas.
  • The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System Once the finish is removed, rinse the deck thoroughly with large amounts of fresh water. Use the highest-pressure tap water available or a pressure washer at 500-1000 psi.
  • Allow the wood to dry (2-3 warm, dry days, minimum) before refinishing.
  • Clean up all tools with soap and water.

    PowerLift may darken cedar and redwood.
    To rebrighten, dilute Dekswood Deck Cleaner and Brightener 1:4 with water and spray or roll onto surface; wait 10 minutes, then rinse off.

  • Used with permission of the Flood Company

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