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Recommended R Values for the USA and Canada

For the United States:

Use the map below to determine your area, then use the table to determine your insulation values:

map of use for R values

table of R values

For Canada:

The list below gives recommended levels of insulation for the main areas of the home. Values are shown in both imperial 'R' and metric ('RSI') units.

Minimum Recommended Insulation Levels

Basement Floors        R-10 (RSI-1.8)

Basement Walls        R-12 (RSI-2.1)

Above Grade Walls        R-20 (RSI-3.5)

Ceiling        R-40 (RSI-7.0)

Floors over unheated spaces        R-20 (RSI-3.5)

Exposed Cantilevers        R-28 (RSI-4.9)

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Recommended Insulation Levels For Energy Efficient Homes

Basement Floors        R-10 (RSI-1.8)

Basement Walls        R-20 (RSI-3.5)

Above Grade Walls        R-40 (RSI-7.0)

Ceiling        R-60 (RSI-10.6)

Floors over unheated spaces        R-40 (RSI-7.0)

Exposed Cantilevers        R-40 (RSI-7.0)

Note: R-1 = 0.1761 RSI

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