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Odor Removal

A product review

Here is an odor eliminator made from natural food-grade ingredients.

We tried this product out on a very smoke-infested used car. The smoke odor wasn't 100% gone, but it did work better than any other product we had tried previously for removing the offending odor! (and we had tried them all!)

This is a great "green", enzyme based product to try around your home, car, boat, pets etc.

PureAyre states: "Guaranteed! Great for removing stains or eliminating odors from draperies, furniture, carpets, bathrooms, closets,kitchens, laundry, cooking odors, cigarette smoke, shoes, cars, mold and mildew odors and much more."

We found it to be well worth a try for your next tough odor problem.

Check out for further information. .

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