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Home Efficiency Audit

Energy Audit

Use our handy audit list to see if your house is using energy efficiently. It pays to check over your whole house to find any areas you can improve. You can use our site for help in addressing any weak areas.

Print this check list



    [ ] Insulation is spread evenly with no gaps
    [ ] Insulation is in good condition. There are no areas that have been depressed from walking on or storing on.
    [ ] Attic vents are not blocked by insulation. You can purchase styrofoam prop vents to keep a vent path between the rafters
    [ ] Attic access doors or hatches are properly sealed and insulated
    [ ] Ductwork is insulated and sealed

Walls and Floors

    [ ] Minimum of R-19 in all exterior walls. Consider having insulation blown in if your walls are uninsulated
    [ ] Minimum of R-25 for floors where the basement is unheated or there is a crawlspace beneath


    [ ] Ductwork is insulated and sealed
    [ ] Hot water pipes are insulated
    [ ] Water heater is insulated
    [ ] Furnace or Boiler is tuned and cleaned annually

Heating and Cooling

    [ ] Air supply vents or radiators are unblocked by furniture or curtains
    [ ] Return air registers are unblocked by furniture or rugs
    [ ] Return air handler filters are clean
    [ ] Programmable thermostats are installed and programmed

Air Infiltration

Windows and Doors

    [ ] Windows close and lock properly
    [ ] Window gaskets are in good condition
    [ ] Window trim sealed and painted
    [ ] Doors are properly weather stripped
    [ ] Doors close and latch properly

Exterior Penetrations

    [ ] Plumbing and wire openings are sealed in:
    [ ] Kitchen cabinets
    [ ] Bathroom cabinets
    [ ] Utility Room
    [ ] caulking around windows and doors in good condition
    [ ] Caulking around outdoor outlets and water spigots in good condition
    [ ] Fireplace damper sealed tightly

Appliances and Lighting

    [ ] Refrigerator condenser coils clean. Consider a new energy efficient unit.
    [ ] Refrigerator door gasket is tight and makes contact all the way around
    [ ] Unused refrigerators and freezers are unplugged
    [ ] Water heater set to 140F
    [ ] Dishwasher energy-saving feature turned on
    [ ] Washing machine loads run with cold water when possible

Well Pump

    [ ] Operating properly, not cycling too frequently
    [ ] Good pressure
    [ ] No leaks in any plumbing, faucets etc.


    [ ] Compact flourescents bulbs (CFLs) used for any lights that stay on for any length of time
    [ ] Outdoor lighting automatically triggered by motion or dark

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