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Door Tips

Replacing Exterior Door
Energy Savings

Replacing Exterior Door


Looking to replace an exterior door but told that the existing door had been cut down to fit? What measurements are needed when going to buy a replacement?
The frame on the existing door is shot so I'm thinking a pre-hung door would be best.
Measure the rough opening - the space between the studs and from the header to the floor.


Applying to Door

To keep surface-mounted hinges,( or mortised hinges),steady when installing, first tape them into place. Use masking tape to cover and overlap both ends of the leaves by about 1 inch. Make some starter holes with an awl (going through the tape), then drive in the screws. When all done, peel the tape off.

Door Care

If doors stick, check hinges to make sure they're aligned and tightly affixed to frame and door. Then fold the sandpaper around a block of wood and sand the edge that is catching. Repaint or seal the sanded edge to prevent moisture absorption which can cause warping. Tops and bottoms of door should be painted or sealed at all times. Inspect exterior doors each spring and fall for wear to see that metal weather-stripping is tight and free of dents, or that vinyl/rubber stripping is glued tightly. Prolong life of vinyl/rubber weather stripping by applying petroleum jelly occasionally. Use an aerosol lubricant on squeaky hinges (WD40).


Old Door Uses

Donít throw away that old door you just removed from the house- try converting it into a simple workbench!

Energy Savings

Automatic Door Sweep

Many rooms have carpeting now-a-days resulting in doors to have some necessary clearance to open and close properly. This opening under the doors can cost some loss in house heat in the winter months. Try installing a door sweep, it works by lifting up whenever the door is closed, thereby keeping much warm air in and cool air out!

Heat Saving Tip

One other heating or should I say heat saving tip is, in older homes I have found it very easy and economical to take the trim off around the windows and stuff insulation or purchase that expanding foam spray and seal around the windows . I have noticed a big difference in the comfort level and when it is -30c outside you sure notice the difference with the amount the furnace operates . The cost of doing this little job for me was only about $10 dollars for the whole house and I bet it saved me $50 in my heating cost over one winter.

Thanks to Douglas Maycock in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hints To Save Your Money This Winter:

  • Try to minimize the number of times that you open your doors to the outside weather.
  • When not using the chimney, remember to shut the flue.
  • Insulate walls and attic areas properly. Batts of insulation added to your attic is an easy do-it yourself project.


Keep Those Locks Working

I am employed as a Locksmith in Madison, Wisconsin. I am writing this in response to your tip on keeping locks working smoothly. Most Locksmiths would NOT recommend using WD40 for the following reasons. WD40 contains a substantial amount of oil (petroleum distilates) that tend to collect a good amount of dirt and dust. In cold weather, the oil in this product can and will get tacky and over time will start to solidify causing the lock to fail. The product most locksmiths use is any type of silicone spray. I personally use a product called Wonder Mist sold by Amway distributors. However, WD40 works extremely well on other items that do not have such intricate parts.

Please take this as constructive feedback from someone who works with locks on a daily basis. For more information, click here Associated Locksmiths of America

We took the hint! Our thanks to Mike Vorpahl., posted 4/17/99.

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Window washing

When doing spring or fall washing of windows that may require the use of an extension ladder to reach; when drying the window after washing, use strokes in 1 direction (top-to-bottom) or (side-to-side) when outside. Use the other direction when drying windows on the inside. This way should there be any streaks (and there will be), you can tell at a glance which side of the window its on, so you can remove them.

Thanks to Jim Chisholm.

Loose Windows

Lower your fuel bills and save your nerves from rattling windows. Putty is simple to install and well worth your investment.

Cracked Windows

Is your window cracked but not broken? Until you can afford to replace the window, simply paint them with a thin coating of clear shellac.

Window Screens

How can you quickly clean your window screens? A vacuum, without any attachments will suck up the dirt and dust them off in seconds! You won't have to scrub them or even take them off the windows!!!!!!

Window Screen With Hole

Instead of replacing the whole screen, "paint" the small ones with model airplane glue and they will be invisible and sealed.

If you have any tips you would like to share, please Email them to us and we'll post them!
Thank you for sharing!

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