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Detailed Play Systems

A Product Review

Do you see all those fancy backyard play grounds? You know the ones. They are big wooden sets complete with swings and forts and jungle-gyms. Now have you priced them? Ok, so as a do-it-yourselfer, you start to think.. I could do that, after all.. there is nothing fancy there, right?

Well that is right. 15 years ago, I built the one my kids have since grown out of, and I can say it outlasted them and was significantly cheaper than a purchased system. And you can too. When I built mine, I looked at the pictures of the ones I liked and sort of went from there. It worked, but you learn as you go along. Then when I designed one for my brother.. well, his got all the improvements I thought of as I built mine.

But now, Karl Jessen and Detailed Play Systems have taken the guesswork out of it for you. He runs a business that provides everything you will need to complete your own backyard playground project except the lumber. Detailed plans, quality project kits, and fun playground accessories delivered right to your door at a price that can't be beaten. And the playsets are gorgeous.

Being the do-it-yourself type, and besides this is a handyman website, I would recommend these plans as the way to go. They are reasonably priced and could save you that much time in looking around and waste due to errors. If you are looking to build one yourself and are not sure where to begin, the project kits will get your project organized real fast. Detailed can even provide you with things like the swings, trapeze rings, and steering wheels for existing play systems.

Regardless of the way you go, check out this site on the web before you make a decision. You can find it through the link below:

Detailed Play Systems
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