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Creating a Designer Deck

Creating a Do-It-Yourself Designer Deck!

The Basics: The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System
Who said you can’t get creative when refinishing a deck? With a little planning, and two or more colors of finish, you can turn your deck, fence, siding – whatever – into your own personal masterpiece. Today’s more casual and expressive home decorating ideas are moving outdoors. And extending that personal style to the deck and beyond is easier than ever. The two most common design trends are two-toning and stenciling. Both concepts are relatively easy ways to create unique, designer decks. Be creative – the only limit is your imagination.

Two-toning is the latest trend in deck color. You can experiment with two-toning by adding color to your deck’s accent areas – such as railings, in-steps, benches, trellises, handrails and flower boxes.
One of the most popular looks is to use a translucent shade like CWF-UV cedar tone on the floorboards, with a solid color white stain on the railings and spindles. Another innovative idea includes using two complementary colors on the floorboards and step risers.Homeowners with benches along their deck may want to finish their floorboards in one shade and choose a complementary color for the benches. Flood Solid Color and Semi-Transparent Deck and Siding Stains are ideal when employing these techniques and are long-lasting on outdoor applications.

Stenciling: The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System
Stenciling has a long history as an economical and easy way to add color and drama to interior walls. Today this tradition is moving to the exterior of the house as well. Stenciling offers an opportunity to bring personality and character to outdoor living spaces such as decks and fencing. Experts contend that with absolutely no experience – and surprisingly little time – homeowners can add dramatic effects with stencils. Simply create a design by tracing and cutting out a favorite symbol, The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System or purchase a precut stencil from a craft store. Stenciling shapes, lettering or repetitive patterns are all great ideas to add a zip of color to the backyard. Flood Solid Color Deck and Siding Stain works best and gives the most dramatic effect for stenciling because of its opaque color.

If you need help choosing the right colors, you can experiment with a variety of color combinations on the Flood Virtual Deck Stainer.

Used with permission of the Flood Company

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