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The Builders Secret

Learning the Art of Living Through the Craft of Building

by George Ehrenhaft

A Book Review

The Builder's Secret George Ehrenhaft's book is the sort of thing visitors to Handyman Wire can appreciate and relate to. It is about nine people who had the drive to do-it-themselves, learned through the process and loved it. It is a collection of stories about their labors of love. You will be able to relate to their woes, their discoveries and their success.

Although it is not a how-to book by any means, I did learn a thing or two, as I always do when people talk about their problems and how they overcame them.

(or didn't!) What George provides us is a chance to meet others like ourselves. He entertains and inspires us. His stories are humorous and offer more the "why-to" build than the how-to. It is a pleasure to read, as you will find when you pick it up and settle down to relax after your day's labor.

About the Author

George Ehrenhaft is both an engaging writer and a tireless builder, having built the equivalent of two-and-a-half houses by himself. The author of nine books, he lives in Katonah, New York.

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The Builder's Secret

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