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Basketball Courts

What neigborhood doesn't need a basketball court? They all need one! Well once you buy your pole and backboard and you put it up, how do you go about marking the court?
Even if you are only putting in a small court, you would always want to mark your free throw line and 3 point line.

Pole Installation Guide

Here are the dimensions to mark the court by.

An NBA and official NCAA (college) court is 94 ft long and 50 ft wide.
A High School court is 84 ft long and 50 ft wide.
A Junior High court is 74 ft long and 42 ft wide.

Half court is well.. half the distance of the full court.. (I know, I didn't need to add that)

The free throw line is always 15 ft from the line to the backboard

The distance from the ground to the rim is 10 ft.

The 3 point arc in the NBA is 22ft to the center of the rim on the sides ( the arc starts 5 ft 3 in from the baseline, being a straight line until that point) then the curved part of the arc is 23ft. 9 in. from the center of the rim.

The 3 point arc in college and high school is 19 ft 9 in. (The straight part extends 63 in out from the baseline before the arc begins).

The key is 12 feet wide (the width of the free throw line) the backboard should extend 4 feet out over the baseline. The 12 ft wide free throw line forms the center of a circle with a 6 ft radius.

The backboard is 72 inches wide by 42 inches high and has an 18 inch diameter rim.
The inner square is marked above the rim in a rectangle of 24 inches wide and 18 inches high.

The line markings are white and 2 inches wide.

The picture below is worth a thousand words. It depicts the college and high school court dimensions.
College Court Measurements

Pole Installation Guide

Concrete Required:900 lbs (dry wieght) equal to 7.1 cu ft of concrete.
YES, 900 lbs (dry weight) is required to balance the high forces encountered during normal play.

  1. Dig a hole 2 ft in diameter and 2 ft deep.
  2. Check your pole and height adjustment. You will want to set at least 15 in of the pole into the concrete base. Mark the pole 15 in from the bottom.
  3. Mix approximately 820 lbs (dry wieght) of concrete according to the manufacturers directions. Use the concrete mix to fill the hole completely to the top. Tamp it down to release any air pockets.
  4. Insert the bottom of the pole so the mark is just above the level of the concrete.
  5. Build up the concrete around the pole so it tapers away from the pole.
  6. Fill the pole with concrete.
  7. Use a carpenters level to make sure the pole is plumb, straight up and down in all directions.
  8. If your pole has a separate bottom section, wait 72 hours before attaching the rest of the pole to the bottom section.
  9. Mix the remaining concrete to fill the rest of the pole. (after installing the sections).

Pole Installation

college basketball court dimensions

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