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Applying a Solid Finish

Applying Solid Stain

The Basics:
Older, weathered exterior wood can still be given new life when coated with Flood Solid Color Deck and Siding Stain. A solid color stain can mask imperfections that have occurred in the wood over time. Solid Color Deck and Siding Stains come in an array of designer colors that can enhance the overall appearance of your home. Flood’s Solid Color Deck and Siding Stain penetrates deep into the wood for adhesion so superior, that it’s guaranteed not to peel for 5 years on decks and 15 years on siding.

What You Need:

  • Solid Color Deck and Siding Stain
  • Tarps, dropcloths, wiping rags
  • A brush, roller or airless sprayer
  • Soap and water

Doing The Job: (See notes below before you start.)

  1. Prior to applying Solid Color Deck and Siding Stain, be sure that surface being coated is clean and dry. Sand or scrape any loose or peeling finish. Use Flood Dekswood to remove any dirt or other contaminants. To remove mildew, mix 1 part bleach and 4 parts water and apply directly to affected areas. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry for 2-3 days after cleaning.
  2. Cover any areas you will not be treating, such as plants, shrubs, bushes, lights and doors, with a tarp or dropcloth.
  3. Using a brush, roller or airless sprayer, apply one coat of the solid color stain. When spraying, backbrush for better uniformity. A single coat should be sufficient for vertical surfaces. Apply a second coat on decks to protect from heavy foot traffic.
  4. Let the first coat dry 3-4 hours before applying a second coat. Allow 24-48 hours total drying time.
  5. Clean up all tools with soap and water.

• New wood surfaces should be allowed to age for 6 to 8 weeks before staining.
• To prevent peeling on smooth cedar surfaces, use a diluted solution of PowerLift to remove mill glaze and open wood pores. Follow with Dekswood to restore color before staining.

Used with permission of the Flood Company

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