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Performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner is integral to caring for your ac unit. Whether you live in a warm climate and need your air conditioner year round or want to be proactive in maintaining your ac unit, we have the air conditioner tips you need!

  1. Keep your air conditioner away from furniture and flammable materials.

    Air conditioners may be blowing cool air into your room, but all that energy theyíre using has to go somewhere. Keeping your air conditioner away from cloth materials and furniture dramatically decreases the risk of combustion.

  2. Change your filter regularly.

    Changing your filter is the most important part of air conditioner maintenance. We recommend changing it every three to six months for optimal ac health. There are several different types of filters you can buy. If youíre allergy-prone or simply want cleaner air, HEPA filters are great for purifying the air while also cooling you down. There are also standard fiberglass and cardboard frame air conditioners, pleated, and electrostatic filters. Consult your air conditioner user guide to find the right filter for your unit.

  3. Clean the coils.

    Be sure to turn off and unplug your air conditioner before you clean its coils. Check your ac unitís user guide to find how to access the coils. Then, depending on the size of your unit, mist the coils with a small spray bottle or spray it with a garden hose. Then, spray the coils with a commercial ac unit cleaner available at most air conditioner suppliers.

  4. Run your air conditioner every few months.

    Even if you donít need to cool your home down, running your air conditioner for a few minutes every two months can increase the life of your unit. This way, youíll know before the temperature hits 90 degrees if your unit needs repairs.

  5. Set your ac unit to the energy saver mode.

    It might be tempting to turn your air conditioner on full blast all day during the hot summer months, but this doesnít add to the life of your unit. Keeping your unit on the energy saver settings only turns your unit on when it automatically detects the room is getting hot. Plus, this helps you save a little extra money on your energy bills, which is something we all want!

These are basic steps to ensuring your ac unit has a long life.

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