Question about amperage

Posted by: doyd

Question about amperage - 05/12/06 01:06 AM

I'm almost ready to make an offer on a house in my town, however, it was built in 1925 and has 100 amperage. Should I be concerned? What problems might I encounter?
Thanks for any help!
Posted by: Just_Bill

Re: Question about amperage - 05/12/06 06:10 AM

A 100A service in a house with no major electrical appliances such as range, A/C, dryer, is probably OK. But is normally not adequate for modern needs and appliances. And the wiring is likely old. None of this should be a reason to reject the house, since these things can be corrected. But it is something to keep in mind when budgeting.
Posted by: ront02769

Re: Question about amperage - 05/12/06 06:45 AM

I would check the panel, etc. as in my area 100A in a residence was unheard of in 1925!!

Posted by: 3phase

Re: Question about amperage - 05/12/06 08:15 AM

Doyd, I agree with Ront, check the panel again. Also check the breaker sizes, unless the house was rewired (new wiring to receptacles and lights) they should all be 15A unless any new wire in the walls was added. A lot of homes in my area are of that vintage and a 30A was the norm. There is a possibility the service was upgraded. Like Bill said, a 100A with no major appliances is normally not a problem. Save your pennies and you can upgrade a little of the house at a time.
Posted by: donaldekliros

Re: Question about amperage - 05/12/06 10:10 AM


I would think that with the modern day needs of at least 200-Amp Service that you should be able to negotiate this in the selling price of the house.

Most upgrades for 200-Amp Service runs about $2000.00 to $2500.00. Reduce the buying price by some figure lower than what the seller is asking with the reason explained to them that you are reducing the price to cover the cost of the upgrade.

Ront & 3-phase are right. 100-Amp Service in 1925 was a bit odd. Most houses from that era were wired for about 60-Amps.

Posted by: jdevlin

Re: Question about amperage - 05/12/06 01:35 PM

I would agree with JB. Depends on what electrical apliances are in the house. It would not concern me personally. I currently live with a 100 amp service and have never had any concerns or trips of the service. We have electric dryer and range, gas water heater and furnace.
Posted by: doyd

Re: Question about amperage - 05/12/06 02:22 PM

Thanks everyone for your responses. I am going to look at this property again on Sunday and I will check out all that you advised!

Thanks again,
Posted by: SpeedyPetey

Re: Question about amperage - 05/12/06 03:00 PM

I also agree with most replies. A 100a service is not original to the house and is should not be a big concern.

I personally do not think this is any leverage tool to lower the price of the house and a 200 amp service is not mandatory. This is NOT a new house and should not be assumed to have up to date equipment.
If you feel you need it, an upgrade later is not really a huge job in the scope of things.