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#936218 - 03/30/18 12:27 AM ABS on '97 Chevy S10
wirehead43 Offline

Registered: 08/27/13
Posts: 192
Loc: SC
Having a problem with the ABS on my '97 Chevy S10. The ABS light comes on when the vehicle is cold but then sometimes goes off once the vehicle warms up. Also, when driving there are times I hear the ABS firing when the brakes have not been pressed. If I happen to press the brakes while the ABS is firing, the brake pedal is very hard, I can feel pulsations in the pedal and it takes longer than normal to stop. Is there a way to troubleshoot and diagnose the cause of the problem? The shop where I normally have work done says ABS parts for a vehicle this old are nearly impossible to get and they have declined to work on it. However, I do see where some parts are available on-line. Is it more likely to be caused by a bad wheel sensor or the control module and how difficult are these to replace? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

#936344 - 04/01/18 09:32 AM Re: ABS on '97 Chevy S10 [Re: wirehead43]
Bob_Q Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 06/28/01
Posts: 18089
Loc: Albany area,New York
This link is talking about ABS problems on a newer vehicle than yours, but it may give you some insight to your problem.

In the article,it mentioned the system possibly sensing one wheel not rotating the same speed as the others,so it's possible you are onto something thinking that a wheel sensor is the problem,or something else wheel related. Don't take that as a suggestion to change one. Just something to think about.
It must get boring preaching to the choir.

#936376 - 04/02/18 09:45 AM Re: ABS on '97 Chevy S10 [Re: wirehead43]
JMac Offline
Super Handyman

Registered: 10/14/03
Posts: 2048
Loc: Cary, North Carolina
Have you taken it to a place like Autozone or Advance Auto to have the code read? That can really help narrow down the cause without spending any money.

On my 1999 F-150 my ABS light came on a few years ago. It was a $25 sensor in the differential. It took all of 15 minutes to swap out. The sensor had a gear on that the main gear on the Diff drove, they wear out over time and throw a code. Not saying this is your issue, but getting the code read will be the first step in determining the problem and whether you can DIY it or if you need a mechanic with more tools and experience.
Any advice given here is general in nature. Local codes always trump advice given on a internet bulletin board. When in doubt consult your local codes enforcement agency.


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