I have a classic SunDek pool patio treatment that we love. It was applied in 2013 in a 2 step process: first the textured knock down finish, followed by a paint coat.

The textured finish is fabulous, but the paint coat is stained and scraped in places - and needs repainting.

Can anybody tell me what paint it is, or how I can buy the proper paint so I can repaint my SunDek? Haven't been able to get an answer form my pool co or SunDek - and I am guessing they want me to hire them.

If they continue to stonewall me - is a high quality acrylic pool deck paint basically what they would use, so am I OK as long as I buy a quality 100% acrylic pool deck paint? Will it start to get slippery, thus should I add grit?

I've got CDO - it's the same as OCD, but the letters are in order THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE!!