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#71390 - 04/04/04 10:39 AM Downstairs Toilet Bubbles when Upstairs Flushed

I recently remodeled two bathrooms in our house and installed two new Toto toilets. When I flush the toilet upstairs, the downstairs toilet bubbles, sometimes with enough force to overflow the rim. The bubbles are coming from the effluent side of the bowl (not the water jet inlet). The upstairs toilet is in the room directly above the downstairs one, and there is never any bubbling problem on the upstairs toilet. What would cause this? Is it more likely the vent or the drain? Why?

I don't know if the old toilets had this same problem because I just bought the house. I did look at the vent opening on the roof, and it is a 3-4 inch pipe, which is open at the top. Should this be covered somehow?

Thanks in advance.

#71391 - 04/04/04 11:19 AM Re: Downstairs Toilet Bubbles when Upstairs Flushed
vid Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Sounds an awful lot like you have a partially clogged drain line. Try turning on the faucet of the sink in the lower bathroom and let it run. If you can duplicate the problem doing this than you need to call the rooter guy in and have you drain linr snaked.
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#71392 - 04/04/04 03:06 PM Re: Downstairs Toilet Bubbles when Upstairs Flushed

I forgot to mention that during the house inspection a plumber actually used a snake through the downstairs toilet to help with finding the septic tank, which had been buried. Would a snake with a noisemaker be enough to clear it, or does the job need to be more thorough? The septic inspection itself was fine, which was only 2 months ago.

#71393 - 04/05/04 12:25 AM Re: Downstairs Toilet Bubbles when Upstairs Flushed
RCovell Offline
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I'm with Vid on this one. It seems to me that you have a clog in the drain line somewhere after your upstairs and downstairs toilet lines connect. I'd suspect that the clog is closer to the lower toilet rather than farther away toward the septic.
If the clog was farther away, the volume of water held in the pipe itself would reduce the chance of an overflow in the lower toilet, thus the nearer clog is more likely since you're almost overflowing the bowl.
Probably not a vent problem as a clogged vent would not cause a backup in a different toilet than the one used.

I'd go for a good snake from a rooter company. Bob


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