Cyber Acoustic speakers, two pieces, left speaker and right speaker and green plug for the audio output connector on the back of the pc. The manual says use a DC 7.5 volt power supply.
The speakers were given to me.
Attatched to the speakers was a Radio Shack a/c adapter, but it is only DC 6.0 volts.
I never used these black speakers on my new Vista machine because I already had a set that was white. Same exact brand of speakers except the power source is a USB plug into the back of the computer.
I removed the green plug from the white speakers and plugged in the black speaker. Then plugged in the Radio Shack adapter. The blue light came on and by turning the volume control on the speaker I can hear noise.
Then up pops Realtek HD Audio Manager on my screen and I've never seen this before.
It wanted me to confirm what device was plugged in. I chose the green front out connector on the back panel.
Tested the speakers by deleting an e-mail from Outlook Express. No sound.

Is the adapter the problem because it is only 6.0 volts?