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#494485 - 10/19/08 01:17 AM LCD TV Side hinge type wall mount? Find or build?
flemingdl Offline

Registered: 01/16/05
Posts: 67
We're sure pleased with our 40" LCD High Def TV and the High Def cable service we took the plunge on (just $800 for a lightly used high end 40" Sansung..). Lots of room behind it to store some items and need access to back sometimes to reach the great variety of hookups to it. Also, want it floating above (not sitting on) the TV cart type storage unit under it to keep that cart lighter and more easily wheeled out for access the wiring jumble behind and into back of it.

Now I am determined to build or find a superior and thrifty (a contradiction?) wall mount LCD TV rig in that living room corner where it sits. Plenty of devices for sale out there that extend it out from the wall with 1 or two pivots, but I just want a it to hinge outward from the right side like a door hinges open. The hinge would be non visable behind the tv's right side.

Since I've found nothing for sale after good bit of Web shopping I'm leaning toward building one. Anyone tackled such? The TV weighs 50 lbs, has a 4 bolt mount area on back.

Am Picturing a 3/4" plywd panel bolted to TV back, thats glued/screwed to a 2x8 (2x10?) which has stout black gate type hinges connecting it to a verticle 2x8 piece lag bolted to a wall stud that's available in the right spot (lucky). The 2x8 arm would need reach to center of this 44" wide TV's mount plate. All egdes sanded and Low gloss black paint on it all.

Anyone tackled a home built TV hinge mount? Thanks for any feedback folk

Don Fleming
Bellevue, Wa.

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#494486 - 10/19/08 08:48 AM Re: LCD TV Side hinge type wall mount? Find or build? [Re: flemingdl]
Able_Dog Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/07/03
Posts: 53911
Loc: Huntsville AL
Adequate hinges are your main concern. I'd substitute a 1X4 or 1X6 (clear Yellow Pine or similar) for the 2X8. With that screwed and glued to the 3/4 ply it wil be plenty strong enough for the 50 lbs. Same with the wall mount, a 1X4 with six three inch screws (#12) will be more than adequate. You can also make sure a couple of the screws in each hinge leaf are 3 inches long and go into the stud.

I think I'd also provide a support to rest on when the unit is against the wall so the weight is not constantly on the hinges.

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#494487 - 10/19/08 10:54 AM Re: LCD TV Side hinge type wall mount? Find or build? [Re: Able_Dog]
flemingdl Offline

Registered: 01/16/05
Posts: 67
Yes, thx A-Dog, agreed the 2x8 lumber is likely overkill strenth-wise A simple block at non hinged end to support it when not swung out is great idea allright. I recall gate type hinges that allow lifting the swung piece out of fixed hinge mount. That too would be a plus.

I'm seeing a flaw in above plan - hinges cannot be hidden behind TV since that would restrict it swinging out. TV sits at 45 dgr angle frm wall, across corner. Want it to swing out to about 120 degr, (good bit past 90). With hinge pin pivot points even with back edge of TV, do need a bit of a gap btwn TV and wall to keep TV from hitting wall when swung out. Bit a geometry there I now realize. That right hinged side of TV is visible from Main Entry into house so gotta use decent looking hardware. Browsing HomeDepot & Lowes next few days..

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