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Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: BREAKING NEWS: by rfm3 @ Today at 09:42 PM

No I mean did we see: Breaking news! Bristol Mt fall foliage brings hundreds out to ride chsirlifts and backs traffic up for miles Or Breaking news! New leader in ATS football picks Or Breaking news! Railroad forum is coming back! Or Ray p
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Sears Bankruptcy by yardmaster @ Today at 09:26 PM

Originally Posted By code_ceisQuote:Our local mall King of Prussia? Oxford Valley Mall
Jump to new posts Re: roman tub faucet spout by ballwinbill @ Today at 06:50 PM

well, as it turns out, my sister-in-law called a plumber. We didn't want to take a change on breaking the underlying piping, or chipping the marble. The plumber came over and used a flat crowbar (I wasn't there to see it) and he lifted it off. It
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Decisions, decisions... by dora @ Today at 06:09 PM

Based on all you describe I agree with you and personally wouldn’t tell her. There’s nothing to gain by telling her this at this point in her life and I think the kindest thing you could do is to allow her to be happy and worry free
Jump to new posts Re: Thoughts on filling a hinge mortise by Able_Dog @ Today at 05:50 PM

Originally Posted By Just_BillThanks for the update. Far too often we never know if people used our suggestions. Most of what we suggest has worked for us, so your feedback is helpful. Amen to that, nice to know it worked out and useful to the 2
Jump to new posts Re: Repairing Damaged Poly Finishes (Mantles) by Able_Dog @ Today at 05:42 PM

Originally Posted By mommapup.I know you're gonna hate this... With all that damage, sand them down and re-coat. Much faster then trying to address what I see as an overall problem, bit by bit. That was my first thought too after I saw it all.
Jump to new posts Re: Septic Drain Field Inspection by mommapup. @ Today at 05:12 PM

Overkill is an understatement. Around here code wants a system sized for a family of 4. TB and I sure don't stress out that size system. Installation company said 2-4 years for pump out. We're thinking much longer than that. It is nice to have a &q
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: NFL Week 7 by Able_Dog @ Today at 03:31 PM

Originally Posted By TheBritNOTE: the ten/LAC game kicks off at 9:30 am EST NFL WEEK 7 14 games, Bye Week: G b/Oak/Pit/Sea ********* CODE RFM3 MSCD BRIT .MP. .CC. DORA TWOS ABLE THURSDAY DEN @ ari .xxx .ari .xxx .ari .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .ari
Jump to new posts Re: Door latch confusion by rfm3 @ Today at 02:41 PM

Ya know sometimes the mind is a strange thing Such as put the bolt in and turn the plate around so it fits the right way So over it went and things seem to fit
Jump to new posts Re: Wall mounted TV with wireless option by code_ceis @ Today at 02:20 PM

Quote:I am hoping I am understanding this right, so please let me know if not. My friends want to be able to watch cable on TV, as well as use their Blu Ray player, but not run the wires. ONLY if they are all WiFi compatible you then use a Roku stic
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Hurricane Michael by CabinConnection @ Today at 01:36 PM

Read about that house a few days ago. Debate if the owner spent an additional $30k or $100k to raise the hurricane-proof level to where it is now. Also read how it had "tear away" steps so that when they went, it didn't do much damage to
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: NFL Discussion by code_ceis @ Today at 11:28 AM

Quote:ulnar collateral ligament Bills QB hit his elbow on a helmet. Time to ban helmets? No time for the O line to do their job. Looks like the new old timer will start soon. Derek Anderson. This was posted before Allan got hurt. And Pete
Auto Repair
Jump to new posts Re: GAS TANK by CabinConnection @ Today at 10:01 AM

I think most vehicles have a short rubber connector between the side located external fill point and the tank. This video of your car seems to confirm this. That being the case, I'd take the car back to the guys who dropped your tank...
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: NFL Week 6 by TheBrit @ Today at 08:47 AM

Winner Week 6: Brit/Code NFL WEEK 6 15 games, Bye Week: DET/N O ********* CODE RFM3 MSCD BRIT .MP. .CC. DORA TWOS ABLE THURSDAY PHI @ nyg .nXg .nXg .PHI .PHI .PHI .nXg .nXg .PHI .PHI 34-13 SUNDAY ari @ MIN .MIN .MIN .MIN .MIN .MIN .MIN .MIN .MI
Jump to new posts Re: Hose Bibb by Able_Dog @ Yesterday at 03:51 PM

Originally Posted By CabinConnectionMaybe post a photo to confirm the bibb style... But another thought - after fully loosening the packing nut from the body, the stem (and washer) normally then unscrews from that really course thread inside the bod
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Fall Festival by code_ceis @ Yesterday at 11:41 AM

Quote:Bristol, N.Y. (WHAM)-Historic attendance at Bristol Mountain for the fall festival this year bought headaches for some attendees, in the form of long lines. One family says after a ride up, they had to wait three hours to get a chair lift ride
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Political Thread by Able_Dog @ Yesterday at 11:34 AM

Surprised? Why?
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Lexus 65' yacht by JasonB @ Yesterday at 09:39 AM

About 100 gallons per hour. J
Jump to new posts Re: Rim Joist Insulation by Clint_Robbins @ 10/14/18 10:28 PM

Insulating the plates wouldn't be cost effective.
Jump to new posts Re: Hooking up a commercial tanning bed by CabinConnection @ 10/14/18 11:08 AM

Originally Posted By Batman6963This is prob a stupid question. What is the difference between a single 30 amp breaker and a double 30 amp To add to what has been already posted, a 240v double pole will take up two bays as shown in this photo (16 &
Jump to new posts Re: Deck Support Posts by CabinConnection @ 10/14/18 10:15 AM

Please change your profile to provide an approximate location. Thanks!
Jump to new posts Re: Thermostat for plug in device by CabinConnection @ 10/14/18 10:08 AM

All kinds, shapes, sizes out there Ray. Google: "110 volt outlet thermostat" I use them for roof ice control heaters that don't have an integral 'stat. Be sensitive to your heater's amp draw.
Jump to new posts Re: Refrigerator too Cold by jeff1 @ 10/13/18 10:20 PM

Hi, Quote:Yesterday I noticed my KitchenAid side by side refrigerator was running way too cold. Everything on top shelf was frozen solid. Did you happen to measure the temps in both sections? If yes, post them here. Quote:I set the controls for bo
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: HOLY LIGHTNIN' by Joe_Guy @ 10/13/18 03:10 PM

Originally Posted By Able_Dog Gee, thanks for that useful information. I thought security questions and answers were made under penalty of perjury. I will certainly try to remember that. That's good to know. All this time I thought it was a federal
Computer Help
Jump to new posts Re: Apple 6S Cell Phone by Chas311 @ 10/13/18 10:52 AM

Family member on a shared plan has had that phone for nearly 3 years now. A recent issue is that the touch screen has been less sensitive periodically; but I only heard mention of that once, so seems like not a serious or continuing issue.
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