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Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: I made it to the BIG TIME Drinks are on me!!! by BillJeffy @ Today at 11:03 AM

' ' HEH, 'united dollars' heh heh, Well maybe, whenever I write a check for over a million, I havta shorten up the whole description to fit it one the line Did you ever get a call from the bank indicating they questioned the way it was wrote ?
Jump to new posts Re: Whirlpool Oven Broiler not working by markinark @ Today at 11:00 AM

Jeff, I'll take a look at the control board and see if anything is loose. Other than that i can't see anything wrong. I thought there may have been a fuse or thermal resistor to check somewhere but i can't find it. Thanks!
Jump to new posts Toilet Flange Seal by artbuc @ Today at 10:43 AM

Been many years since I installed a toilet. I see where there are many types of wax free seals available today. Most do not get great reviews. I know wax is dirt cheap and super reliable but also messy. Have any of you successfully used a wax free se
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: ABLE_DOG by BillJeffy @ Today at 10:34 AM

Originally Posted By CabinConnectionLocal Sherriff says, "He's fine! Just sitt'n around drink'n beer and catching some rays... He'll check in here "later". I;m sure it'll be a LONG story (or it should be, anyway) C'MON
Jump to new posts Re: Refrigerator Door Not Closing Properly by wirehead43 @ Today at 10:29 AM

Yeah - after looking at the video's I should be able to handle this. Will order both upper and lower closing cams and silicone grease. Is there a reason not to use the old screw or do I need to order a new one of those also? Thanks for the help.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: NFL WEEK 2 by twoshoes @ Today at 09:45 AM

Originally Posted By CabinConnectionOriginally Posted By mommapup.Ok, gave Ray the Tampa win as agreed. Now we need a vote from everyone on how to score Able for this week and maybe next week. We will go with the majority.... choices are: 1 same s
Jump to new posts Re: Gutter protectors by rfm3 @ Today at 08:05 AM

As one who has tried both with a few maple trees and many messy pine trees I had the solid American for years. The did well but as mentioned the slots clogged and snow would build up and no matter how, birds got in and built nests Changed to the scr
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Lazy people by code_ceis @ Today at 07:53 AM

Quote:but sometime it HAS to be done !! If it is the parking lot not so bad. In the doorway half way into the store then I may say something. If they look like an old war vet probably not. A rich beech acting better than the rest of us. Then
Jump to new posts Re: Struggles with putting PVC drain back together by notnew2diy @ Today at 05:06 AM

Take some fine sandpaper, bevel the leading outside edge of the PVC pipe. While your there, also do the pipe itself, up as far as needed. Dawn dish soap on the pipe. Don't need much, avoid a mess. HTH...good luck...notnew...
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Political Thread by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 12:30 AM

Originally Posted By CabinConnection Hillary "might" contest election. Sigh ...if collusion is proven..... But that's ridiculous....she would have to prove some exact numbers swayed in different counties... Is this 'reaction-format
Jump to new posts Re: Commercial Freezer by jeff1 @ Yesterday at 09:21 PM

Quote:What is the difference between a commercial freezer, if any, and a non-commercial freezer? $500.00-$1000.00 jeff.
Jump to new posts Re: Shd style roof over basement door. by BillJeffy @ Yesterday at 09:07 PM

. . What CC said, then what I said earlier about "any" roof. But I still think you're overthinking the job with attachment to the deck. .
Jump to new posts Re: Kenmore 970-3364 F13 error by jeff1 @ Yesterday at 09:00 PM

Your welcome jeff.
Jump to new posts Re: Kohler Toilet from Big Box Stores by yardmaster @ Yesterday at 06:12 PM

Originally Posted By code_ceis Exact same product a little different SKU. HP and Cannon do that with printers copies for Sams, Office depot etc. That's pretty common in general. I could buy 2 copies of the same DVD movie title, one at Walmar
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: JOSE by BillJeffy @ Yesterday at 04:34 PM

. . Tropical storm watch for NE coast, It zigs and zags so much out there, Nobody can 'draw a line' .
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: MARIA by BillJeffy @ Yesterday at 04:30 PM

. . If and when the US Coast gets hit is still a guess....... Well, educated guess if you consider the models, but too many days out to pinpoint. Another that could get nasty for coast landfall. .
Jump to new posts Re: New Toaster Problem by BillJeffy @ Yesterday at 04:15 PM

. . Great......we;ll be over in the morning for "Toast and ------" i'd like some cinnamon stuff that Peppridge Farm makes with melted butter all over. Unfortunately, you just got 'hooked up' with an inferior product as it was trying to
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Scary Behavior by Discover card! by JimTheTinkerer @ Yesterday at 09:45 AM

----------------------------------------- He said it was paper mail. Discover probaly sent to a few. Those with lines of credit over 100K. And income over 500K. grin --------------------------------------- Nope.....they are rolling it out to all
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Money first, always.... by JimTheTinkerer @ Yesterday at 09:40 AM

Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Speaking of cyberthreats by JimTheTinkerer @ Yesterday at 09:39 AM

Seems like a really narrow slice of what a comprehensive service should cover.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: 20 years of wedded bliss by JasonB @ Yesterday at 06:41 AM

Congratulations! My wife and I started dating in 1997... 16 years married last month. J
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: Drip pan full by roadrunner255 @ Yesterday at 06:03 AM

Unit is about 12 yo. We have only been in the home 2 years. I cleaned out both condensation drains when we moved in. I think that you are right about pan drain clogged. I blew out the drain at the float and no more issues. Cheers
Jump to new posts Re: Grubs in Veggie garden by notnew2diy @ Yesterday at 05:53 AM

Little bit of a google thing, found this: http://www.veggiegardener.com/pests/grub-worms/ I've gottem in my veggie garden too, never knew what they were. For me, they don't seem to cause a problem. Once they hatch, and are bugs, is when my fun star
Hi, Quote:The door has to be held closed in order for it to latch Only since your first repair? If yes, wrong part, wrong part in the box, incorrect install would be suspect! Washing machine door boot 134515300 Quote: I had a small leak from the b
Computer Help
Jump to new posts Re: Lost login password by code_ceis @ 09/17/17 08:23 PM

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