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Jump to new posts Re: Starrett Micrometers... by CabinConnection @ 38 minutes 10 seconds ago

Originally Posted By code_ceisOriginally Posted By CabinConnection Are you looking at only the "SOLD" listings? Thanks. Never new that was there. Yew bet! Looking at the ones "for sale" is a waste of time. It's what the his
Auto Repair
Jump to new posts Re: Wiindshield wipers by CabinConnection @ 42 minutes 58 seconds ago

Originally Posted By Bob_QIn other words,no matter what type you use,you get what you pay for. No. The CR article said in some cases they found higher priced offered no better performance/value.
Jump to new posts Problems with 2 ceiling fan lights by Suenmark98 @ Today at 11:08 AM

Stepson has a 10 yr old townhouse in Houston suburbs. Living Room and Bed Room ceiling fans each have a single hot feed on a SPST wall switch, with fan light and fan blades controlled by a remote. While both fans work ok using the remote, he's havi
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Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday Donkey Dave! by Gary O' @ Today at 11:06 AM

Jump to new posts Re: Joist variation II by yardmaster @ Today at 11:00 AM

Originally Posted By JMacOriginally Posted By yardmasterThere is a wall above....along with a washer and dryer. Do you need to be logged in to read through this? Yes. That's ok. Really no more info them what I gave...just a lot of opinions
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: A cabin build by Gary O' @ Today at 10:46 AM

Originally Posted By mommapup.Ok, so where is the snowman? haven't carved her out yet...
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: Outside unit iced over by cpedrich @ Today at 09:59 AM

i meant to follow up. I found out it was a faulty defrost sensor. had it replaced and have not had any problems. Thank you!
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Flix I've seen.....and recommend by JasonB @ Today at 09:55 AM

"Nice software!"
If you pour a bucket of water quickly into the toilet it will drain out. Alternatively, to clear the trap use your wet/dry vac and suck out all the water. Then use the paper towel method or the commercial products mentioned above. I find it humoro
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: What Is Wrong With Him? by CabinConnection @ Today at 08:47 AM

Originally Posted By Able_DogThe next thing we'll hear it's the media keeping the issue alive. Well yeaaaahhhh...
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: DRIVING IN CANADA by JasonB @ Today at 08:46 AM

Yup, was on the news then. Not that uncommon a happening, actually. Years ago, while the wife was still the girlfriend, I lived about 1.25 hours away from her during the school year. I'd drive up to Fredericton every weekend to pick her up, in my
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Jump to new posts Re: Heartburn by mommapup. @ Today at 08:12 AM

Neighbor had heartburn... Doc put him some kind of med that he said was pretty expensive. About a year later, he found it wasn't acid-reflux, but that he really had an aneurysm. Trip to ER, and a short stay in the hospital... No heartburn.
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Jump to new posts Re: Now this is a one in a million shot by Just_Bill @ Today at 07:41 AM

I recall a similar shot years ago, but it was from a .50 BMG. Went thru a wall and killed 3 behind the wall.
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Jump to new posts Re: TPP by CabinConnection @ Today at 04:38 AM

---> Easy reading
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: NFL CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK by twoshoes @ Yesterday at 09:53 PM

Well thanks to both you and Dora!!
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: wow...Spicer's meltdown by Joe_Guy @ Yesterday at 09:14 PM

Originally Posted By Able_Dog...As long as Trump continues to fire from the hip with no thought or facts this stuff will continue. When the press brings up the statement or tweet it is now the press guilty of the inaccuracy (lie). I don't see it sto
Woodworking / Hobby Shop
Jump to new posts Re: My sawmill by DonkeyDave @ Yesterday at 09:10 PM

I've always called it a Peavy. Oh now I get it, you were talking about the material. Those were the nine foot cutoffs from the 26 footers. I have plans for both of the 17 footers. One stays intact and the other gets ripped into 4x6's for the por
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Concrete Ship by yardmaster @ Yesterday at 07:38 PM

We have one on this coast too. SS Atlantus The "now" pic...is not so "now"...a lot less exposed these days.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: I'm dreamin' of... by Ernie @ Yesterday at 07:10 PM

Originally Posted By rfm3well there ya go, channeling your inner Ernie or is it outer Ernie? regardless, I get a bit of cold and hailstones to go his way and you bring up this... geesh I hereby put a curse on your Lions for the next 100 years
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: View on Electoral College by CabinConnection @ Yesterday at 06:52 PM

Originally Posted By mommapup.Al, if you start exploring, you'll find almost every political post has been disparaging "President" Trump's election. And while you're probably right, if you read THIS thread, I don't believe you'll find such
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Speaking of Ashley Judd by Bob_Q @ Yesterday at 06:29 PM

And they are out there doing these stupid asinine things,representing the Democrat party beliefs? I wouldn't want to be associated in any way,shape,or manner with those morons. Like I said, I'm far from being a prude,but I would be embarrassed to sta
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: What made you happy today? by Ernie @ Yesterday at 06:11 PM

Some say the spelling and ``the verbiage is not correct` Some say why did you ramble on and on... Some say a Picture is` ``` Worth a Thousand Words.....$ I say Ray.. sometimes why bother... Messing Up something so Beautiful.. When you real
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Speaking of Kellyanne... by Able_Dog @ Yesterday at 06:03 PM

Originally Posted By bilvihurHa Ha! I obviously don't agree with Conway's position on most issues, but I give her credit for being the single biggest reason for Trump's victory. Her political and news media skills are phenomenal! She never winces, an
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Delays in Chicago due to snow storm by Ernie @ Yesterday at 05:19 PM

During the Drought at it's` peak``` One would think they < would have been working on the old infrastructure and dealing with what may come in time... after Ern was done... Praying and```` Rain Dancing` ```````````` Hoka Hey ` !
Around the shop
Jump to new posts And on his first day of the job by rfm3 @ Yesterday at 03:39 PM

Mattis gets 31 strikes. Newly minted Secretary of Defense James Mattis celebrated his first full day at the Pentagon by presiding over 31 strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Mattis entered the Pentagon Saturday with a smile for h
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