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Jump to new posts Re: GIF outlet by richardandrews @ 26 minutes 32 seconds ago

Thank you! very useful information!
Jump to new posts Re: Ceiling fan wire by richardandrews @ 27 minutes 41 seconds ago

Yes, I definitely agree here
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Jump to new posts Re: The Proposed Budget by Gary O' @ 51 minutes 16 seconds ago

'Show me how Trump is the superior economic genius, or step away from the bottle.' Defamation Is inflammatory Jimmy? Are...are....are you trying to rile me, Jimmy? Don’t
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Jump to new posts Re: Kushner's living legacy by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 12:33 AM

Right... You can vote , and you can speak. It's a lot better to do both.
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Jump to new posts Re: Good For Him by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 12:30 AM

Isn't that a twist, a young Frenchie showing Trump what it means to stand up and be a man, a straight shooter, nobody's puppet. Right on.
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Jump to new posts Re: NATO Article 5 by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 12:27 AM

Originally Posted By mommapup.Quote:one reason Trump, the Breitbart types, the Russian cheerleaders, and the alt-right Russian trolls and shills and friends and spymastes and relatives cannot be counted on. Name calling isn't the answer!!! My take
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Jump to new posts Watching by Able_Dog @ Today at 12:02 AM

"The Sixties" Cuban Missile Crisis. Have probably seen it several times and lived through it. It's still traumatic watching it. We came so close to all out nuclear war. Krushchev thought he could back Kennedy down because of their previou
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Jump to new posts Re: A cabin build by Gary O' @ Yesterday at 11:48 PM

Originally Posted By mommapup.Originally Posted By Gary O'Originally Posted By mommapup.Another question... Do you have a mailbox? Nada no address even if I had one, no mailman Heh, heh... Now that's off the grid! I always found junk mail
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Jump to new posts Re: Skeeters by Gary O' @ Yesterday at 11:16 PM

Originally Posted By Bob_QOriginally Posted By TrippstarOriginally Posted By Joe_GuyThe only sure way to kill one of those pesky mosquito vampires is to drive a wooden stake through its heart. It takes keen eyes and great hand/eye coordination, not
Computer Help
Jump to new posts Re: Mouse can't highlight test or drag & drop by Alex Mckenzie @ Yesterday at 10:44 PM

I guess you have to replace your mouse, or remove it on your personal computer first then insert again. You can also try to connect it with another USB adapter.
Jump to new posts Re: Worsbo / Pex piping by CabinConnection @ Yesterday at 09:50 PM

Wirsbo (Uponor) is a manufacturer of PEX piping. Just as Watts, Nibco and a host of others are. They are classified by the type of manufacturing process, and labeled A B or C. The letter classification does not indicate relative quality. Connecti
Jump to new posts Dumb Waiter. by code_ceis @ Yesterday at 06:47 PM

I want to put a small dumb waiter in new garage. It will have a full second story with a walkover to kitchen level of house. Build from scratch or buy a kit? Last one I think I built out of old garage door track and used the opener for a lift. T
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Jump to new posts Re: Stray dogs by Trippstar @ Yesterday at 04:35 PM

Originally Posted By notnew2diyOriginally Posted By code_ceisHere with the large number of sheep farms stray dogs do not last long. They chase the sheep and then they get shot. Yep. Neighbors do the same w/stray cats in the chicken coop. S-S-S
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Jump to new posts Re: Tiger Woods by Bob_Q @ Yesterday at 04:27 PM

Originally Posted By Able_DogIn jail, DUI. Saw it on TV and while listening I said to myself, (seriously) "OK, but who the hell is that guy" I'm sure that look will be attributed to it being 3a.m. and he had been up all night with in
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Jump to new posts Re: My thoughts..... by JasonB @ Yesterday at 02:48 PM

Honour those who have fallen in past wars by carefully questioning those who demand the next wars.
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Jump to new posts Re: Memorial Day by Bob_Fleming @ Yesterday at 02:28 PM

I like that story, too! Lazy day here. Senior Center closed so no exercise machine. Chiropractor closed so my back still hurts. Nap time.
Jump to new posts Re: Sealing cedar siding by CabinConnection @ Yesterday at 01:47 PM

Originally Posted By doraSo since you don't recommend the hose end sprayer type of Home Arbor then what is the mixing ration that you use. I plan on using the product to clean alge from cement blocks and redwood siding. Straight out of the gallon
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Jump to new posts Re: Another unimagineable tragedy by Uncle_Alvah @ Yesterday at 01:16 PM

Originally Posted By CabinConnectionI grow weary... Indeed.
Auto Repair
Jump to new posts Re: 06 Wrangler A?C problem by kelticguy @ Yesterday at 12:24 PM

Fuse is OK
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Jump to new posts Re: Thank God For Congress by JimTheTinkerer @ Yesterday at 11:33 AM

-------------------------------- With federal block grants! To better allow the states to target the needs of their own population. Chicago has much different needs than Kalamazoo. Makes sense... Why send tax money to DC, only to have an agency or
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Jump to new posts Re: My new love by Bob_Q @ Yesterday at 11:17 AM

If she's part Australian,they are related to the Aussie cattle dogs,also known as Blue Heelers. Step daughter has one. Very very smart,and active. I've never seen a dog that lives to chase,fetch,and return like she does.
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Jump to new posts Re: A number I never expected to see again by JasonB @ Yesterday at 10:48 AM

That's some fast drop! Another 17#, you're in my ballpark. Keep on, unk. J
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Jump to new posts Re: For the R/C Plane Gang by JasonB @ Yesterday at 10:46 AM

Neat! Real turbojets. That's a $20,000+ model, I'd bet.... J
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Jump to new posts Re: Thinking about a little winter project by JasonB @ Yesterday at 10:19 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Where's Ernie? by Bob_Q @ Yesterday at 09:15 AM

He was on last night at 10:39 pm
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