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Jump to new posts Re: Whirlpool Dryer starts and then shuts down **Help* by jeff1 @ 32 minutes 36 seconds ago

Hi, Quote:it starts and the drum starts to spin, within a couple seconds I here a clicking sound and it seems as though the pulley motor shuts down and the dryer just stops. Any idea where the clicking is coming from? Can you restart the dryer righ
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Jump to new posts Re: Border Wall Mexico Agreees to Pay by Ernie @ Today at 09:14 PM

I darn near wore that one out `` back in 2003- 2004``... ```` Good Memory`` Good Thunder ! ```` Been thinking about the pesky eminent domain issue along the Texas border and elsewhere. Lawsuits etc. `And the American steel promis
Jump to new posts Re: Exterior French Drain Troubles by sunnyj @ Today at 08:08 PM

In addition to the digging where the FD is supposed to be, I have been looking around on the web discovering that there are a variety of build methods and materials that seem to share the name of French Drain. Yes? I even found Henry F. French's bo
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Jump to new posts Re: Sumthin for y'all to chew on... by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 07:13 PM

Jeez, Bobbie.... .....give Trump a chance! ...ahaha.. They just repealed the 21st centrury a few weeks ago. It takes time for the flies to gather for their lord. Give the man chance! .... the devil ain't no instant drink.
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Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday Gary O' by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 07:10 PM

Keep it rockin! At least on the porch, anyway..
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Jump to new posts Re: Wildlife Report by Bob_Q @ Today at 07:01 PM

Nothing to report on my backyard bear. Maybe it was a one time deal. Just passing through I hope.
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Jump to new posts Re: Self-gift by Just_Bill @ Today at 06:31 PM

I have one .380, a PPKS, it's OK but I prefer a gun I can get a hold of, have 3 Colt 1911's. I don't like glocks, messy triggers even when tuned, but I do have a G23. Can't beat their capacity, however. My carry gun is usually my S&W airweight
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Jump to new posts Re: A little project (wooden dough bowl) by Just_Bill @ Today at 06:16 PM

That looks awfully green. Won't it crack/split even w/linseed or mineral oil??
Jump to new posts Re: quarter round molding - nail or glue or both? by Just_Bill @ Today at 06:12 PM

Humbly he leaped into the breech....... I always learned that the purpose of the trim was to cover gaps and allow movement, especially in the case of flooring. 1/4 rnd/shoe should be nailed to the baseboard, never to the floor. If it is nailed to
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Jump to new posts Re: Thinking about a little winter project by Ernie @ Today at 12:36 PM

!!!!! !!!!!< !!!!! ~!!!!!
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Jump to new posts Letter to Falcon's WR Sanu by Able_Dog @ Today at 11:13 AM

Quote:“Hi! You don’t know us but we wanted to thank you. Our son sat behind you on this flight and watched you. He saw you studying your plays, watched you make healthy choices with your snacks, food and drink. He watched how polite you were to e
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Jump to new posts Re: A Boggling Trump summary... by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 08:25 AM

Originally Posted By Gary O'Yeah, keepin' an eye on the Yuan Hahaha........yeah... Sneak a little turmeric into your treats......got to keep your mind sharp while it is sharp!
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Jump to new posts Re: Pretzel Commercial by Uncle_Alvah @ Yesterday at 10:56 PM

Quote:Here's what she really looks like: Lots to be said for losing that "I am going to dismember your body" look.
Jump to new posts Re: Flooring question by pennypicher @ Yesterday at 07:10 PM

Looks like my Bruce natural red oak floor. Some pieces are lighter than others but mostly the darker shade.
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Jump to new posts Re: Bill O'Reilly by JimTheTinkerer @ Yesterday at 07:03 PM

Originally Posted By Bob_QOriginally Posted By JimTheTinkerer He doesn't have to invest. He had a more sure thing. How so do you mean? Make it short and to the point,will you please!! His skill is not investment. His skill is yelling "
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Jump to new posts Re: N Korea by JimTheTinkerer @ Yesterday at 06:51 PM

Fighting over an aircraft carrier and swatting down his silly attempts would be a good distraction right now. I take the aircraft carrier threat as a backed-down position. The plan to add Japanese escort ships would make a run at the carrier with
if there was crust in the pressure switch ports, which is common with mid efficiency heaters, it would prevent the switch from operating correctly.
Jump to new posts Re: Bunn coffee maker will not fill up by CSM111 @ Yesterday at 06:05 PM

Bill thanks so much I looked up pg 21 It was for the dispensing valve but you got me to right spot. the the next procedure is for liquid level board which controls the solenoid valve I missed it first time thru. I will be checking it out tomorrow and
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Jump to new posts Re: Login issues by Trippstar @ Yesterday at 03:37 PM

I have no computer, I write all via texting. Finally found a fix. Got my new automatic gobbledegook password (I really need to change it in my stuff) then saved ATS to home screen and trashed the other icon.
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Jump to new posts Re: Gretchen by Able_Dog @ Yesterday at 03:33 PM

Thanks for that Fred, interesting. Malamutes would give them the size. My B-I-L's brother used to raise Malamutes in North Jersey. Beautiful dogs.
Jump to new posts Re: Toilet Choices by twoshoes @ Yesterday at 03:33 PM

Thanks to all for the replies and thoughts. Right now I am leaning towards the Gerber, first as Punky said ease of getting replacement parts. In the Gerber product description they state that they use a Fluidmaster 400A. Can get these anywhere, an
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Jump to new posts Re: Imgur by Able_Dog @ Yesterday at 03:29 PM

Include "OPERA" browser in there for me too, used to really like Opera (old Netscape) I believe they changed it and a lot of people left.
Jump to new posts Re: Need help with a concrete question by Able_Dog @ Yesterday at 10:49 AM

Originally Posted By BigJohnfromNYI think it would be helpful if we knew how deep these inconsistencies were and what you intend to do with the floor. Depth is a very important consideration and "what you intend to do with the floor." Bot
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Jump to new posts Re: Seems pretty cool by Bob_Q @ Yesterday at 10:26 AM

Living the life he does,I don't think he sits much. wouldn't mind sitting around a fire with his daughter though. JEWEL She's had quite the life
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Jump to new posts Re: No charges to be filed... by Uncle_Alvah @ Yesterday at 09:13 AM

Yeah, missed it both times. Quote:TULSA, Okla. – Three Oklahoma teenagers who were shot dead during a suspected home invasion this week broke into a detached garage on the property earlier the same day and stole liquor from a game room, authoritie
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