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Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Prime membership going up by Uncle_Alvah @ Today at 12:20 AM

In the last six months, I have 24 orders through Amazon. So another $1.67 a month is not a huge deal. Then again, why should I have to? In the last THREE months, Amazon has earned over $5 BILLION dollars, OR about $53 million a day.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Political Thread by Ernie @ Yesterday at 10:30 PM

Originally Posted By Able_Dog So Trump now blaming others for his blatant error. Some saw it coming long before the election.. With many writing in great length ----- making nearly a Book about morality-character and much mo
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: on a lighter note - fun with owls by jade_wolf @ Yesterday at 09:38 PM

Owls are amazing and funny birds. Something like cats.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Dog cloning by jade_wolf @ Yesterday at 09:33 PM

It's pointless to clone dogs, as well as humans, because they will not look like the original. Even their DNA will be different.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: HA HA... by jade_wolf @ Yesterday at 09:27 PM

This is very funny.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Shut up and take my money! by Uncle_Alvah @ Yesterday at 09:24 PM

Quote:Israel does make some really fine firearms. The original Galil had a bottle opener incorporated into the stock. Nice touch. I guess twist off caps are a mite rare in 3rd World countries.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Stephen Hawking - RIP by jade_wolf @ Yesterday at 09:24 PM

It's very sad when such amazing and great people die. But he left us a huge legacy of his books and studies. RIP.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Astronaut Kelly Now Has Different DNA by jade_wolf @ Yesterday at 09:21 PM

Perhaps now he will slowly grow old because of telomere length is associated with the body's aging mechanisms.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Cosby Found Guilty by CabinConnection @ Yesterday at 08:41 PM

Agree Dora. I always liked his movies, records, and TV shows. Zero respect for him now. And did you see/hear him talk about himself in the third person in court? Bizarre.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Refinery Explosion / Fire by CabinConnection @ Yesterday at 08:39 PM

VERY fortunate no one was killed!
Computer Help
Jump to new posts Re: How do I take a 'screen shot'...... by bilvihur @ Yesterday at 07:51 PM

For those without FireFox, Win 7 has the "Snipping Tool" which can capture all or part of the screen.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: I just found this funny by Just_Bill @ Yesterday at 06:52 PM

It will loosen up old joints most of the time, but technically, it is not a lubricant. WD stands for water displacement. But I do often use it.
Jump to new posts Re: Removing Iron/rust from old bathtub by Just_Bill @ Yesterday at 06:48 PM

Tried CLR???
Jump to new posts Scotts thicker lawn by Terryt @ Yesterday at 06:19 PM

Has anyone tried this product and can I apply with lime
Around the shop
Jump to new posts New(to me) rider..... by Uncle_Alvah @ Yesterday at 03:59 PM

MBG machine (Maintained By Geezer) Clean!
Small Engine Repair
Jump to new posts Re: J Deere L100 Lawn Tractor by CabinConnection @ Yesterday at 12:16 PM

Originally Posted By Able_DogQuote:Remember, assuming the engine has an even number of cylinders, it will always stop in one of two places, 180 degrees apart. So if you don't see ring gear damage, and still suspect the ring gear, you should bar the e
Jump to new posts Is this a weed? by sportster @ Yesterday at 10:19 AM

Moved into our newer home last fall and have plants coming up now. I noticed this plant growing between two plants I know are not weeds and now it is taking over them.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: A cabin build by Gary O' @ Yesterday at 08:34 AM

Originally Posted By JasonBYou're livin' the dream, GaryO.... Glad you enjoyed the day... J You know how THAT is, Sir J, oh yes you do Thanks, Pard
Jump to new posts Re: Touch On/Off Kitchen Faucet by Just_Bill @ Yesterday at 06:54 AM

I have done a couple of those, Delta and Kohler, and the customers seemed to like them. As time passes, technology improves, and this has been around long enough to be reliable. But the handles still work quite well. I have mental problems with
Small Engine Repair
Jump to new posts Re: Weed eater idles up and down by Foreverwood @ 04/25/18 09:53 PM

One reason I mentioned the check valve is i once had a problem repairing another that just wouldn't idle, you suggested possibly the idle check after checking it you were correct. Difference is that one would only run on high it wouldn't idle. I will
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Backyard by Able_Dog @ 04/25/18 09:06 PM

Originally Posted By Just_BillDarn shame everything is done and finished....with nothing for you to do...........???? Sure is, but I'll get over it.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: "The Log" by Just_Bill @ 04/25/18 07:00 PM

Thanksgiving harvest...........
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Music Discussion by Ernie @ 04/25/18 06:59 PM

Something about Otis ````` My Mom use to say that ``````` I was ``black at heart```` ```````
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Coming to a trunk near you..... by Just_Bill @ 04/25/18 06:57 PM

I wonder about the 'leave at the door' policy, never inside the house or vehicle.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Stupid is as Stupid does by Just_Bill @ 04/25/18 06:48 PM

No one said they were bright, just thieves......
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