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Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: El Nino by mommapup. @ 13 minutes 13 seconds ago

Originally Posted By notnew2diyI reserve judgement for now, I'll wait-n-see if TB packs up the boat for winter(grin). Done a lot of open water winter fishing in El Nino type weather. ...notnew... Heh, heh, not me. I'm a fair weather fisher.
Jump to new posts GE Profile Washer Repair by Anonymous @ 31 minutes 17 seconds ago

How do I remove the Agitator on a GE Profile top loading washer mod# WPRE6100G0WT.
Jump to new posts Re: Garage doors not working smoothly by wsommariva @ Today at 02:33 PM

I need to unhook that one door and manually push it up and down and see if I can see something. Not sure what binding is. But I will look carefully. Also bought some lithium spray and will spray all hinges, although I doubt that will help. Maybe
Auto Repair
Jump to new posts Re: Car's AC condenser shot by debodun @ Today at 01:04 PM

Here's the bill for my last visit to the garage:
Small Engine Repair
Jump to new posts Re: Tecumseh Lawn mower won't start when cold by Stevejo @ Today at 12:57 PM

If it's still not starting when cold after you have followed all the good advice above maybe this will work for you. Take the carb apart and soak the carb body overnight in some kind of cleaner. (I use paint thinner) Then immediately immerse it in h
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: "Yellowstone" (TV show) by Able_Dog @ Today at 12:55 PM

Going to look for it now and see if I can record it.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Canada by Able_Dog @ Today at 12:54 PM

Originally Posted By CabinConnectionThat's fake Able. From a 2007(?) ad campaign in India. Never actually happened. That certainly makes sense.
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Political Thread by Able_Dog @ Today at 12:52 PM

"Trump tears into "lowlife" Omarosa, calling her "vicious" and "not smart" in series of tweets" But she had a recording of him saying he did not know of her firing and he did not want to see her go.(paraphrase
Jump to new posts Re: Ants! by Able_Dog @ Today at 12:31 PM

Brief discussion with a bug guy (husband of a gal that worked for my wife). He told me you HAVE to know what kind of ants they are to effectively treat them. That sentence gives you 100% of what I know about them.
Jump to new posts Re: Sagging Bay Window by code_ceis @ Today at 09:00 AM

Originally Posted By PunkyIve never seen a "hung" bay window. Pictures would help Good to see ya. Hope all is well.
Jump to new posts Re: Kenmore 80 series washer won't spin by sunnyj @ Today at 03:32 AM

Will it spin if you set the timer to spin? jeff. "Will it spin if you set the timer to spin?" Nope. It sounds like it is 'trying to'. I tried to get it to spin in all of the spin possibilities available on the dial, but none would spin
Auto Repair
id do a full evac and then pump in whatever the rated charge is. if it doesnt engage then start looking at switches, etc.
Auto Repair
Jump to new posts Re: Main Seal Leak Stop Additive by Punky @ Today at 12:41 AM

it's leaking for a reason. it's failed. think about this.... if you swell a failed seal... then that seal fails again...it could be catastrophic. just have it replaced...
Jump to new posts Re: Nest doorbell/camera by Punky @ Today at 12:35 AM

Nest is POO. It truly is. My advice is to replace it with something else. Nest Co is there to collect data, not make good products.
Pools and Spas
Jump to new posts Re: Replacing thermisters on Hot Springs Spa by Punky @ Today at 12:04 AM

are they in wells?
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: A/C for shop....again by Punky @ Yesterday at 11:52 PM

you can do an east block load to find out the needs of your shop at loadcalc.net
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: Distributed Classroom Air Conditioning by Punky @ Yesterday at 11:51 PM

overcooling can cause icing. most units are not designed to cool below 70F. as it is happening on all units I suspect an overcooling issue but not being able to find the filters is a huge concern.
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: Condensate Pump Alarm - Stops A/C by Punky @ Yesterday at 11:49 PM

bleach. the clearvue pumps are known to have niggling issues like this. I never use them. I do use the red based pumps that dont use the electronic level sensor.
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: AC stopped working by Punky @ Yesterday at 11:48 PM

looks like a putty to dampen vibrations and seal holes.
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: AC/Heat Unit Connecting Tape Came Loose by Punky @ Yesterday at 11:47 PM

it's not tape. it was a black vibration absorber. you now need a tech to install metal into the slot or replace the vibration absorber.
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: Capacitor Part Number by Punky @ Yesterday at 11:44 PM

no idea. as long as the ratings are the same and the EMF rating is the same or greater you;ll be fine
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: NG furnace valve by Punky @ Yesterday at 11:42 PM

you need to determine the btu rating, what the valve does when it opens for gas, the driver mechanism (pilot. millivolt, VAC, etc). then you can source a valve. it was likely a proprietary build and it may not be able to be replaced.
Jump to new posts Re: Owner's Manual for Sharp VCR by sunnyj @ Yesterday at 09:36 PM

Hi! I found a couple of possibilities online - https://www.manualslib.com/s/sharp+vc+a524ou.html I didn't find an exact match for the manual title in the results for this search, but your model may be included within one or more of the ones in sim
Jump to new posts Re: Need some help on understanding watts by code_ceis @ Yesterday at 09:02 PM

Originally Posted By jdevlinBy that thinking all these devices need a dedicated circuit. hair dryer. coffee pot. tea kettle. portable heater. toaster. clothes iron. Those union, time and materiel guys all over do stuff. Not really a bad idea
Jump to new posts Re: Little dorm refrigerator by sunnyj @ Yesterday at 08:01 PM

Hi OLC, First off - what I am suggesting is what I would do after trying Jeff's suggestion first. He has a lot more expertise in the subject area than I do. By any chance is this one of those small 'cube' style refrigerators? I have no special k
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