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Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: BUT WAIT.....! by Able_Dog @ 38 minutes 9 seconds ago

"I just have a feeling ? that both `Manafort and Stone` given the chance to testify . Are clever enough to know how to get around saying what they know or were involved in` without perjuring themselves.. confused" Manafort may have a condi
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Chairman Nunes by Able_Dog @ 49 minutes 59 seconds ago

Originally Posted By JimTheTinkererWow... http://crooksandliars.com/2017/03/choking-public-info-devin-nunes-cancels At 2 minutes , 25 seconds: Nunes reviews info in the dead of night and does not share with Deomocrats or Republicans on the Intelli
Jump to new posts Re: Old metal roof ..... thoughts? by CabinConnection @ Today at 11:06 AM

Can you flash between the old upper and new lower? Or take a donor panel from an end, then replace both a lower and upper on the donor end? Or how big is this? If you're seeing one corrode to the point of replacement, are others close behind?
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: What I’ve learned by Gary O' @ Today at 10:05 AM

I have a bit of a flash temper (you? Gary? a thin skinned Irish buzzard?) Yep Back when I toiled for others, I ran into situations with the finer forms of humanity. Wimin in bizniss. Aggressive, mean but polite, ornery, devious, conniving, scheming,
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: "What If..." by Able_Dog @ Today at 10:01 AM

Quote:Look at all the better Republicans wiped out in the debates. Look at the horrors and personal boasting about them that didn't make the ragers bat an eye. I think we witnessed a "Perfect Storm" where a few storms came together. It ma
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Tornado Myths... by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 09:19 AM

Worth noting, since New England is seeing more and more tornados now. I always wonder about making a shelter...not easy to do in the ledgy ground here...
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Neo nostalgia by JimTheTinkerer @ Today at 07:32 AM

At work sometimes, I boast about my folded memo system, P.A.P.E.R, that runs without batteries, and doesn't spazz out for upgrades.... P....pressed A....analog P...programmable E...erasable (i use pencil) R...record I can even compress (fold)
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jump to new posts Re: new heat in snow country by kodak_jack @ Today at 07:26 AM

I agree with Punky. The back-up/ supplemental heat has to be the LP and not electric. There were housing tracts around me put up in the 80's with electric heat and the price to stay warm is through the roof. The switch from heat pump to supplemental
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Saturday problems? by notnew2diy @ Today at 05:47 AM

Originally Posted By CabinConnectionYa know... See'n as how this site is free... Well I'm just grateful to Chris for what he provides. Exactly. Thank you....notnew...
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: A cabin build by CabinConnection @ Today at 12:28 AM

Mine never lasted all that long.
Jump to new posts Re: ice maker by CabinConnection @ Yesterday at 10:22 PM

Originally Posted By bones774I like to shut off at the saddle tee when i go away for a period. Anyway to drain the line so we don't get that buildup? Thanks Saddle valves are a leak waiting to happen. So when you replace that with a ball valve, inc
Jump to new posts Re: Dryer by jeff1 @ Yesterday at 10:06 PM

Hi, Dryer belts very rarely make noises. Very common for drum wheels, idler pulley or motor to make noises... Dryer drum support roller Dryer idler pulley assembly Check these first. Some take apart helps... http://www.applianceaid.com/how-t
Jump to new posts Re: Stair Question by BillJeffy @ Yesterday at 07:21 PM

. . " this is all in the thinking stage...." Don't worry, wifey will take care of that in a hurry .
Small Engine Repair
Jump to new posts Re: Scag mower won't start by terrapin05 @ Yesterday at 04:57 PM

Spent the afternoon pulling off carb and spraying clean, put all back together, and got running right away but was leaking gas at the carb -- ring gasket got loose/down -- turned off, tightened up gasket, and now I got nothing again, just a constant
Jump to new posts Re: Haiti Water Level Control by BillJeffy @ Yesterday at 04:23 PM

. . An intermediate relay is the only way the two power sources are gonna be kept separate. Not a complicated system, unless you want to get into electronic control. What voltage is the solar system ? ...and as asked, does solar remain 'on' at nig
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Trump vows revenge by Ernie @ Yesterday at 03:52 PM

That's the one (link) I'm listening to Trump speak on how friends stick together ? How Obama Care has inflicted great hurt great harm.. How Obama Care was a disaster... a total disaster from there``I got lost``.. And ended up back here
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: trump summary 3/23 ... trying again by Ernie @ Yesterday at 01:28 PM

Only because I find no where ```` else to drop the bomb`` ~~ Easy ? to just skip ``````` to my` loo ` over it ````` Here goes.. BOMBS AWAY ````I have to find some links...` Sources ? `` FAKE NEWS ! ` It's still early
Jump to new posts Re: Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors by Able_Dog @ Yesterday at 12:01 PM

Originally Posted By AnonymousI was thinking about raising the closet floor about three inches. The new bedroom carpet would butt against the baseboard, and another color carpet would be on the raised closet floor. The bottom track would come to the
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: From a TASTE ONLY Perspective... by JimTheTinkerer @ Yesterday at 11:37 AM

We were getting 100% spring water from a machine. Now I keep a tea/cooking source around, which is: ----well/tap water ----bring to boil ----let it sit in a bowl for 2 hours (cools, picks up oxygen again) ...it's delicious....makes richer tea and
Woodworking / Hobby Shop
Jump to new posts Re: A little project (wooden dough bowl) by Gary O' @ Yesterday at 09:06 AM

Originally Posted By JasonBA challenge, eh? It'll be a while, but we'll see... You remind me of me
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Question #1 - cleaning glass by Gary O' @ Yesterday at 07:40 AM

Originally Posted By notnew2diyOriginally Posted By code_ceisOriginally Posted By notnew2diyHealthy squirt of dawn dish soap and water. Keep the glass wet, scrape w/a razor blade. Test before going nutz.... ... denatured alcohol ... mineral spirts
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Facebook 102 (I passed 101) by Gary O' @ 03/22/17 11:15 PM

Farcebook is a dumping ground for faux profundity of the young And bitter acerb hilarity of the aged ...and I get suckered in from time to time
Computer Help
Jump to new posts Re: Dreaded Blue Screen by Punky @ 03/22/17 10:29 PM

OE classic variant for up to Win10: https://www.oeclassic.com/ https://www.oeclassic.com/download
Jump to new posts Re: Drive on the grass by yardmaster @ 03/22/17 08:47 PM

Originally Posted By CabinConnectionLooks like the sidewalk and apron were recently replaced. Any reason why the apron is so small? The sidewalk, apron and curbs were all replaced 15+ years ago when we bought the house. The seller had to replace
Around the shop
Jump to new posts Re: Do Not Immerse in Water by yardmaster @ 03/22/17 08:29 PM

Originally Posted By mommapup.They've really downsized(cheapened) crock pots. Mine has a real crock liner and no, can't immerse it. That'll teach me to proof read the posts. That wasn't supposed to be a pic of a crock pot..but of a waffle maker.
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