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readers comments on the picnic table plans

Thanks for the plans on the picnic table. I down loaded the plans. Used it to buy the materials as suggested and built it in about 8 hours of work. In two sessions. I went on step further and cut 45 degrees coiners on all sides to include the seats. Thus taking away the corners that people tend to get caught on. I am not a carpenter, but was able to follow the plans and make a very sturdy table

I am now ready to go on to other plans you or someone else might have..

Thanks again for the plans..

Tony Mazotas

Here is a picture Tony sent of his table:

Tony's Picnic Table

Here is some of what others have said:

I built the picnic table yesterday and it turned out beautiful.
Thanks bunches! Jim W.

Dear Handyman,
Thank you so much for the picnic table plans. I just made the table yesterday, and it turned out beautifully! I had a bar-b-que with some friends and they were all very impressed. Thanks again!
Joseph G.

I just finished making a picnic table with your plans. It turned out great.
One suggestion to make attaching the seat stretchers easier.
After measuring down 17" from the top I was confronted with holding the 5' length of 2x6 in place before it was bolted. I didn't have any help. I checked the marks and found that they were 8.5" from the bottom crossboard. So, I used a piece of 2x6 (5.5") and two 1x2's (1.5') each. Total 8.5". I sat the stretcher on these three pieces, centered it, and it was ready to bolt. I screwed it on with one wood-screw per side before drilling for the bolts.
Thanks for the plans. We'll be enjoying that table for many years.
Leo O.

And here are more pictures of tables built by our readers:

Picnic Table Picnic Table

Picnic Table

Click here for the plans.

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